Mission To Remarry Chapter 1114

Feeling a lot better after hearing what Archie said, Benny nodded profusely in response. The two of them then went silent after that. The silence was broken when an adorable voice called out to them from behind, “Archie! Benny!”

Upon turning around, they saw a little girl with pigtails leaning against their desk. “When will Essie come back?” she asked nervously.

Although she and Estella were pretty close, she knew nothing about Estella transferring to another school. Since Estella was often seen being around Archie and Benny, she figured she would try asking them about it.

Her question made Archie and Benny, whose mood had just improved, feel depressed again.

Even so, they couldn’t bring themselves to burst the little girl’s bubble when they saw the expectant look in her eyes. “She should be back soon,” they replied.

The girl’s eyes instantly lit up with joy. “I knew Essie would come back! Ms. Ward said Essie wouldn’t be coming back anymore, but I didn’t believe her! I’m so smart!”

The little girl then happily returned to the crowd while Archie and Benny exchanged glances.

“We need to have Mommy and Daddy get back together as soon as possible!” Archie said with a serious look on his face.

Of course, Benny understood what they had to do. “What did Daddy tell Mommy the other day? She looked really upset! As for Daddy, he…”

Benny felt his heart ache as he recalled Lucian’s expression when he left the other day.

It’s like Daddy won’t be coming to see us anymore! Mommy and Daddy have gotten into fights in the past, but things have never gotten this bad before!

Archie shook his head as he didn’t understand the situation either.

We tried asking Mommy many times about what happened that day, but our efforts were all in vain. Even though Mommy answered all of our questions, it was obvious that she was lying to us. What happened? What is Mommy so afraid to tell us about?

“Is this about Mommy punishing Essie?” Benny suggested. “No,” Archie replied with a frown. Mommy wouldn’t have kept it from us if it were that simple. Come on, think! What could it be?

Neither Archie nor Benny had any idea what the reason was.

Suddenly, Benny thought of something and sat up straight in his chair. “C-Could it be about Mr. Damaris?”

Daddy had gotten into several fights with Mommy because of Mr. Damaris. Mommy and Mr. Damaris have gotten a lot closer ever since. Maybe Daddy is angry at Mommy because of this. Yeah, that has got to be it!

Archie’s eyes lit up when he heard that. Hmm… Benny does make a good point! “Let’s go talk to Mommy about this! We’ll tell her to stay away from Mr. Damaris because we don’t like him!”

Benny’s suggestion reflected his pure way of thinking.

Archie, on the other hand, was able to see things from Roxanne’s perspective. “But Mommy is only in contact with Mr. Damaris because of work.”

He then turned toward Benny as he continued with a frown, “We both saw how hard Mommy worked to secure this job opportunity.”

Asking Mommy to give up on this job opportunity simply because we don’t like Mr. Damaris would be unfair to her.

Benny felt his heart clench when he recalled how busy Roxanne had been back then. “But it’s possible that Daddy and Mommy are fighting because of Mr. Damaris!”

Benny was still on the fence about this. He couldn’t choose between Roxanne’s career and Lucian.

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