Mission To Remarry Chapter 1112

“…I’ll send you guys to school later.” Roxanne spoke up hesitantly while they were having their meal. “Mommy, are you done with work?” Archie and Benny’s eyes lit up when they heard that.

Although Estella was no longer in the same kindergarten as theirs, they were still delighted that Roxanne could send them to school.

Roxanne had been avoiding Lucian and Estella lately, so Lysa was the one who sent them to school.

Archie and Benny were envious when they saw the other parents send their children to school. Faced with her boys’ questions, Roxanne couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. “Yeah. It’s almost done.”

The two little ones cheered and ate their breakfast obediently. After breakfast, they carried their backpacks and waited at the door without having to be reminded by Roxanne.

Roxanne, however, was a little hesitant.

She still had some work to handle that morning, but as much as she didn’t want to admit it, she wanted to try her luck and see if Lucian would change his mind and send Estella back to the kindergarten.

Even if the chance was slim, she didn’t want to miss it. “Mommy, we’re going to be late,” Archie and Benny couldn’t help but urge after waiting for some time.

Only then did Roxanne return to her senses and smile at them apologetically. “Let’s go.”

Having said that, she suppressed the hesitation in her heart, picked up her bag, and walked over to the boys.

When they arrived at the kindergarten’s entrance, Roxanne alighted from the car and walked Archie and Benny to Pippa. “Ms. Jarvis, it’s been a while,” Pippa greeted Roxanne with a smile.

Then, she lowered her head to look at Archie and Benny. The sight of the two boys caused sorrow to fill her heart. She had gotten used to seeing them with Estella.

Recently, the sight of the boys would remind Pippa of Estella, and she couldn’t help wondering how Estella was doing in a new environment.

Roxanne hummed gently in response. “I’ve been busy with work lately. Thank you for taking good care of Archie and Benny, Ms. Ward.”

Both the ladies were a little distracted and didn’t chat for long. Pippa then brought Archie and Benny into the school.

On the other hand, Roxanne remained standing at the school entrance for a long time. Judging from the look on Ms. Ward’s face just now, I can tell Essie didn’t come.

To avoid missing out on the opportunity to meet Estella, Roxanne continued to wait in front of the school. However, there was still no sign of Estella even until the school’s gate closed.

Only then did she give up and return to the car in disappointment. Just then, Colby called her and urged, “Dr. Jarvis, when will you arrive?

Roxanne had been doing research on the medicinal herbs from Herbscape Group all by herself. Thus, no one dared to touch the medicinal herbs without her guidance.

Ignoring the disappointment in her heart, Roxanne replied, “Sorry, Something came up just now. I’ll be there soon.”

Colby sensed something off from her tone and felt a little worried. “What’s wrong? Do you need help?”

“No, thank you. It was already settled,” Roxanne answered, her voice sounding dejected. Colby could tell she was unwilling to speak further, so he stopped pursuing the matter and hung up tactfully.

Roxanne glanced around the school once again. Still, there was no sign of Estella.

A few moments later, she withdrew her gaze, laughed self-deprecatingly, and started the car engine to head to the research institute.

She had forgotten the fact that Lucian had always been famous for his decisiveness and determination. Since he had decided to cut ties with her, there was no way he would go against his words.

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