Mission To Remarry Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084 Do Not Kick Up a Fuss

After escorting Sonya out, Lucian headed upstairs to check on Estella since she was obviously out of sorts upon returning home.

Catalina was by Estella’s side upstairs. At the sight of Lucian, she prudently came out of the bedroom. Standing by the bedroom door, Lucian asked in concern, “How’s Essie?”

Catalina replied in a low voice, “She’s been behaving. I’m not sure what’s going through her mind, but she didn’t cry or throw a tantrum.” Lucian nodded in acknowledgment before entering the bedroom.

It was just as Catalina had said. Estella looked distracted and didn’t even notice him coming in. Lucian walked up to her and gave her hair a gentle tousle. “What are you thinking about?”

Estella was racking her brains on how to placate her father so that he would continue pursuing Roxanne. Looking up frantically, she greeted him, “D-Daddy.”

Lucian sat down beside her. “Are you angry that I brought you home from Ms. Jarvis’?”

Estella nodded with her lips pursed. “Then why aren’t you crying?” Lucian arched a brow. “Because—”

She was just about to speak when she realized that her plan would fail if she were to share it with Lucian. In fact, he might even stop her from keeping in touch with the brothers.

Estella quickly covered her mouth with her hands, refusing to say another word. “You can’t tell me?” A hint of suspicion flashed across Lucian’s eyes.

Hands over her mouth, Estella nodded vigorously. Lucian didn’t pursue the matter. Instead, he inquired about her relationship with Sonya.

“Anyway, why are you mad at Grandma?” It was then that Estella finally removed her hands.

I have not told him about how Grandma threatened me. On top of that, I’m angry at Grandma for stopping me from spending time together with Ms. Jarvis and the brothers. Let’s not forget that she also objected to Daddy and Ms. Jarvis being together.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she was. Taking in Estella’s expression, Lucian was all the more confused. It seems Essie harbors a deep grudge against Mom.

Having finally decided on what to say, Estella said in a piping voice, “Because… Grandma is very fierce!” She couldn’t have sounded any more pitiful.

The answer didn’t come as a surprise to Lucian, for he was well aware of Sonya’s attempts of trying to keep Estella and him away from Roxanne all this while.

However, he could still tell that wasn’t the only reason for Estella’s resentment toward Sonya.

He didn’t inquire further since Estella didn’t seem keen on talking about it.

All that mattered was for her to calm down.

He gradually got to his feet and stroked her head. “I understand. I’ll talk to Grandma about it.”

Just as he was about to leave, Lucian turned around after remembering something. “For the next two days, I’ll get Ms. Pearson to spend time with you. Remember to behave and don’t kick up a fuss.”

Lucian closed the door, giving Estella no chance to protest.

Inside the bedroom, Estella’s face fell.

I only want Daddy to be with Ms. Jarvis and not that nasty woman.

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