Mission To Remarry Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038 Release My Brother

The hooligans seemed surprised after hearing what she told them and glancing at the stack of cash they were offered. “Are you sure we’re going after two kids?”

Given the huge amount Aubree offered, they suspected she was messing with them and assumed she would have them fight some trained fighters.

To their surprise, Aubree frowned impatiently. “Are you taking on this task or not? Fine with me if you don’t!”

They agreed with it immediately and pointed in the direction that Aubree had indicated to them. “Over there, right? We’ll head over there right now!”

With that, they sprinted in Archie and Benny’s direction. Aubree was feeling self-conceited as she watched the hooligans spring into action and imagined the trouble the two young boys would soon be in.

All the while, Archie and Benny had no idea what they would soon be facing. Benny lamented with a troubled look on his face, “Archie, does this mean we won’t get to see Essie again?”

Estella was sent to the Farwell main residence, but neither of them knew where it was. Not even Benny knew what to do despite his hacking skills.

Archie furrowed his brows. “It won’t come to that. Essie is smart, so she’ll also be thinking of ways to contact us!” The brothers chatted while approaching the roads.

The Farwell residence occupied a huge plot of land and was located in a remote area, so they would only arrive at the main roads with more traffic after walking some distance.

They only covered a small distance before a few tall young men showed up in front of them.

Benny was still thinking about Estella with his head hung low.

However, Archie stopped in his tracks warily and raised an arm to stop his brother from walking any further.

Benny raised his head to check on what was happening with slight confusion.

“This is all the money we’ve got. I can get more at home if you need more.”

Archie was well aware that they stood no chance against the hooligans, so he took out all the cash he had in an attempt to strike a deal with them as calmly as possible.

The boys only took with them two hundred in cash for taxi fares, and they only had one hundred left after their first ride.

The hooligans took in the bill Archie held while approaching the boys and snickered upon recalling having been offered a stack of cash by Aubree.

“Kid, we don’t hold a grudge against you, but since we’ve taken the money…”

Archie backed away slowly while shielding Benny behind him and gave Benny a push when he heard that. “Run!”

With that, he followed suit and fled.

It was apparent that the hooligans were up to no good, especially if they were hired by someone.

They must be after us!

“Don’t run! You won’t outrun us anyway!”

The hooligans were startled by their reaction but quickly snapped back to their senses and went after the boys.

Given that they were much taller and faster than Archie and Benny, they caught the boys with ease within moments.

“What do you want with us?” Archie trashed about. “I can go with you! Release my brother!”

The hooligans found his demand funny. “You’re quite protective over your brother, kid. While we find such sentiment touching, money is far more important.”

With that, they exchanged glances and dropped the boys on the ground before encircling them.

The boys collapsed on the ground after falling onto it.

Archie was distressed when he noticed the hooligans had surrounded them.

It was my idea to sneak out to find Estella, and Benny merely tagged along. I have to bring Benny back home unharmed!

The thought gave him a surge of energy. He fumbled for a few pebbles on the ground and cast them in the direction of the hooligans next to Benny.

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