Mission To Remarry Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037 What Do You Need

Archie frowned. “Would you happen to know where Mr. Farwell brought Essie?” Catalina hesitated for a moment before answering, “He had perhaps brought her back to the Farwell main residence.”

She recalled having seemingly heard Sonya calling Lucian over the phone. It was likely that Sonya requested that Lucian send Estella over, to which Lucian agreed.

Archie and Benny’s gazes dimmed upon hearing that. Then, Archie asked tentatively, “Can you perhaps tell us where the Farwell main residence is?”

Catalina realized they must be planning to go after Estella by going to the Farwell main residence, which was a huge distance away from where they currently were at.

While Catalina didn’t know how they managed to find their way to the manor from their dwelling, she couldn’t let them go to the Farwell main residence alone as things were. “I know the location, but I can’t tell you.”

With that, Catalina motioned for the bodyguards to unhand the boys. “You must’ve snuck away without Ms. Jarvis’ knowing. Go home now. Don’t make her worry.”

The boys pouted and stood there stubbornly for some time. It wasn’t until they saw that Catalina wouldn’t budge that they turned to leave in defeat.

They had been looking forward to meeting Estella and Lucian ever since the night before. In the end, they only wasted their time by trying.

Benny’s eyes reddened as he moped along.

Archie pouted while walking alongside Benny with a stern expression on his face, worried about Estella’s wellbeing.

They were so deeply immersed in their thoughts that neither noticed the lavish car driving in their direction not far away.

“It’s those boys!”

Aubree’s face fell instantly the moment she laid eyes on the boys who were strolling by the road.

Sonya requested her to retrieve some clothes for Estella from the manor.

She didn’t expect to bump into the boys that early in the morning during a workday.

Those boys are still sticking around Estella even though she’s going to transfer to a new school soon! This is revolting!

If Aubree were the one driving, she would’ve turned the car around and gotten out of there.

She got increasingly riled up as she watched the boys leave her field of vision.

I ought to teach them a lesson so that they would leave Estella alone!

As Aubree thought that, she seemed to remember something. “Turn around and go back to the small plaza just now!” she ordered the driver.

The driver deferred to her, turned the car around, and went back where they came from.

Soon, the car pulled over opposite a small plaza.

Aubree glanced at the plaza from afar and smiled in satisfaction upon noting that the people she had been looking for were still there.

“Wait here while I head over there for a moment.”

With that, Aubree put on her sunglasses and face mask. Then, she took her cane with her before crossing the road fully disguised.

A few hooligans were playing cards at the small plaza across the road.

Without warning, a shadowy figure hovered above their heads, followed by a woman demanding in a cocky voice, “Do something for me.”

They stopped in their motions and stood up with livid faces upon hearing that. “Who the heck are you to order us around?”

The woman before them fished out a stack of cash as soon as they said that. “I’ll offer you more after you’ve accomplished the task.”

Aubree tucked the money into the hands of the boy nearest to her.

The boys’ expressions changed as soon as they saw the money. “Tell us what you need to be done.”

Aubree sneered and whispered a few words into their ears.

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