Mission To Remarry Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036 Her Friends

Archie and Benny hailed a taxi as soon as they successfully snuck out of the mansion. Initially, the driver was hesitant to drive both children upon seeing them.

However, he glanced at the residential area where they came running out from and started the engine immediately after they informed him of their destination.

This will earn me a lot, given how rich their parents are! All the while, neither of the boys was aware of the driver’s thoughts as they focused on coming up with excuses for when they met their father.

After a while, the car stopped in front of the Farwell residence. The driver looked at the entrance of the house while waiting eagerly for someone to come out and pay him.

Archie took out a hundred from his small backpack and handed it over to the driver. “You can keep the change.”

The price meter indicated that the trip would cost them sixty, but the kids didn’t feel like getting their change back in their eagerness to meet up with Estella.

Meanwhile, the driver was startled by the relatively small amount he got. The children had gotten out of the taxi by the time he snapped back to his senses.

Despite Archie being the taller of the two, he could only reach the doorbell while standing on his toes given their height. Someone answered the intercom as soon as it rang.

“Who’s there?” Catalina was stunned for a moment as she stared at the screen, on which nobody was visible.

After a moment, she heard the childish voices of Archie and Benny. “It’s us, Ms. Catalina! We would like to visit Essie!”

Catalina felt for the children upon hearing that. Estella must’ve wanted to meet with them two, seeing how she spent the night before weeping.

However, Lucian had left with her early that morning. Moreover, he made a point to instruct her to deny the boys entry if they happened to drop by.

Upon recalling that, Catalina had no choice but to steel herself and inform the boys, “Ms. Estella isn’t home. You should leave.”

She averted her gaze and hung up immediately after, unable to face them. Meanwhile, the boys exchanged looks of suspicion while still standing at the entrance to the manor.

Refusing to believe Estella wasn’t home, they opted to think that Lucian had had Catalina deceive them.

Upon reaching that conclusion, they gave up on entering through the front door and went around the manor instead.

The manor premises were surrounded by fences. While it might be a bit of a squeeze, the boys could make it through the gaps in the fences if they tilted their bodies sideways.

Soon enough, they secured the blindspot of the surveillance cameras and squeezed their way through the gap with all their might.

While it was easy to get onto the property, that wasn’t the case when it came to entering the mansion. Benny shrugged and keenly awaited his brother to come up with a solution.

Archie furrowed his brows as he raised his head to study where he remembered Estella’s room to be. He figured that Estella would lend a helping hand to get them upstairs if she had seen them.

However, they didn’t notice any movement from within the room even after spending some time waiting there. They didn’t see Estella, nor did they run into Lucian.

While they were feeling disappointed, a cry could be heard near them. “Where did those kids come from?”

Followed by the question, two men in black suits showed up before them.

Benny trashed about. “Release me! I came to find Essie!”

The bodyguards ignored his yells while bringing the children to the entrance, ready to report back to Lucian.

Catalina just so happened to come out at that moment.

She felt sorry for the boys when she saw what had transpired. “You don’t have to report this to Mr. Farwell. They’re Ms. Estella’s friends.”

The bodyguards deferred to her but were confused nonetheless. “Catalina, they snuck in through the fences.”

Catalina felt even more for Archie and Benny when she heard that.

“You don’t need to look any further. I didn’t lie to you. Mr. Farwell had left with Ms. Estella early this morning.”

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