Mission To Remarry Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035 Sneaking Out

Lysa went to wake Archie and Benny up the next morning. Tender feelings formed within her the moment she opened the door and saw them asleep in the same bed.

They woke up on their own before she said anything. However, their countenances were pale. “Ms. Lane, my head hurts…”

Having sobbed for some time and fallen asleep late last night, their voices were still hoarse, and their faces were a little pale. Lysa’s heart sank upon hearing that. She quickly checked their temperature, but they showed no signs of having a fever.

“Hold on. I’m going to fetch your mother.” With that, Lysa left to get Roxanne. Roxanne had been busy with research those past few days. By then, she was all prepared and ready to leave.

When she heard Lysa mention that the kids weren’t feeling well, she put her bag down and hurried to their room upstairs. “What’s wrong? Ms. Lane told me you aren’t feeling well.”

Benny threw himself into Roxanne’s arms. “Mommy, my head hurts.” Roxanne frowned and reached out to check on him, only to find that he showed no symptoms.

Archie yawned beside them. “Benny kept snatching my blanket, so I hadn’t slept well.” Roxanne surmised upon hearing what they said, “You might have caught a cold while snatching the blanket from each other.”

Both the boys had bitter looks on their faces. As soon as Roxanne let go of Benny, he flopped onto the bed lifelessly.

Roxanne furrowed her brows upon noticing how unwell they seemed to be. “I’ll let you take a day off from school so you can get some rest at home.”

The boys nodded and agreed with that. After that, Roxanne immediately informed Pippa of the boys’ absence that day.

“I have important work to do today, so I can’t take care of you at home.Go back to your beds and get some sleep. You’ll be fine after you wake up.

It would be to their benefit that she left them alone at home, so they nodded meekly after hearing that. “Ms. Lane will take good care of us!” Archie answered in an adorable voice.

Roxanne nodded and turned to give Lysa some instructions before standing up to leave. When they figured that Roxanne would have gone some distance by then, they turned to look at Lysa.

“What is it? Are you hungry?” Lysa looked at them with concern. They shook their heads. Lysa was slightly confused as she continued guessing, “Then… Are you missing your mother? She has an important job—”

“Our heads hurt, Ms. Lane. We’re also feeling tired and want to sleep,” they cut her off before she could finish her sentence.

Benny held his head with a pitiful expression on his face.

Upon hearing that, Lysa stopped mid-sentence and changed the topic. “Then get some rest. I’ll get you when it’s time for lunch.”

Archie added, “We might be sleeping in until the afternoon. You don’t need to wake us if we don’t get up when you knock on our door.”

Lysa mulled over what Roxanne had said to her before leaving. In the end, she nodded in acquiescence.

After Lysa left the room, Archie and Benny scrambled up from bed. They seemed to be fine enough, given how lively they were.

They tip-toed out of their room and took a peek downstairs.

Lysa was busy with chores in the kitchen.

Upon seeing that, they crept down the stairs from the second floor and made their way to the foyer.

They snuck out of the building one after the other after Archie unlocked the door of the mansion discreetly.

Lysa seemed to have noticed the sounds at the door while working in the kitchen. The door was shut tight when she checked on the living room.

Assuming that she was hearing things, she reentered the kitchen.

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