Mission To Remarry Chapter 1033

Chapter 1033 Happy

“Why can’t we stay together with Essie forever?” Benny couldn’t help but ask. We don’t have to be separated if Daddy and Mommy reconcile.

When Roxanne heard Benny’s straightforward question, her expression stiffened a little. “That’s because…” The kids stared intently at her, waiting for her answer.

After a few moments, she braced herself and stated the reason. “That’s because Mr. Farwell will get married sooner or later. By then, Essie will also have a new family and grow attached to her mommy.”

Archie and Benny pouted after listening to that. Mommy is still unaware that we already know about our births. Why can’t Daddy’s wife be her?

Roxanne was clueless about the thoughts going through the boys’ minds as she explained, “Mr. Farwell must have his considerations for deciding to transfer Essie to another school. Perhaps he wants to provide her with a better educational environment. After all, with her family background, she should receive the best education in the first place.”

She looked away the entire time as she spoke, not daring to meet Archie’s and Benny’s gazes. Archie frowned. His voice sounded slightly hoarse as he uttered stubbornly, “If Essie is transferring to another school, we’ll move to the same school as her.”

Roxanne furrowed her brows. Before she could say a thing, Archie added, “Benny can find out about Essie’s new school, and the money I earn should be sufficient to fund our education fees.”

Archie and Benny had different talents. Roxanne’s skills in their areas of expertise were very limited, so she chose not to interfere in what they did.

Benny had displayed his outstanding hacking skills in front of her on multiple occasions. Hence, she knew he was indeed capable of discovering the school Estella would be transferring to.

However, she knew nothing about how much money Archie had earned via all those years of trading stocks and managing his finances.

With Benny’s computer skills and Archie’s wealth, they didn’t need her support at all to execute their plan.

Therefore, Roxanne didn’t know what her stance was on refusing them. As a result, she was left with no alternative but to say, “What if I don’t agree?”

A solemn expression spread across Archie’s little face. “Why do you disagree? Aren’t you worried about Essie?”

Roxanne was rendered speechless.

It wasn’t until after a while that she barely came up with a reason.

“Mr. Farwell made the decision regarding Essie’s school transfer. Since he didn’t tell you two about this, that means he didn’t want you to tag along. If you enroll in the same school as Essie and he relocates her again, will you two keep following her around?”

Considering that possibility, Archie and Benny lowered their heads in disappointment.

They yearned to tell Roxanne that they had already known about how they came to be.

However, Roxanne constantly avoided Lucian and even forbade them from divulging their actual age to him. The boys reckoned she was firm on not letting Lucian know about that matter.

Hence, they were afraid of scaring Roxanne away if they abruptly told her the truth.

If that happened, it would be even more difficult for them to meet with Estella again.

At that thought, Archie and Benny did not say anything else.

Assuming the boys had conceded, Roxanne patted their heads with her heart aching. “Be good. Essie will certainly be happy at her new school.”

After she said that, tears brimmed in her eyes before Archie and Benny even responded.

Judging from Essie’s personality, there’s no way she’ll be happy for suddenly having to get used to a new environment. Still, this is the only way I can console Archie and Benny.

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