Mission To Remarry Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032 I Should Have Separated You Two

Archie and Benny told me that Essie took the day off yesterday afternoon. I assumed Lucian had something urgent to do, so I didn’t give it much thought. Who would’ve known Essie would be transferring away the next day…

After taking a moment to recompose herself, Roxanne asked, “Did she cry?” Estella had cried a lot when Archie and Benny had been expelled, so she assumed Archie and Benny would also feel upset about her leaving.

Benny shook his head. “We didn’t get to see Essie. It was Ms. Ward who told us about it.” They didn’t know if Estella had cried about her transfer.

It wasn’t until they heard Roxanne’s question that they realized Estella was probably just as upset as they were, if not more. Archie and Benny tugged anxiously at Roxanne’s shirt. “Let’s go visit Essie, Mommy! She must be really sad right now!”

Roxanne wanted to visit Estella too, but the mere thought of heading over to the Farwell residence reminded her of what she had seen that night.

Lucian and Aubree were chatting happily outside the mansion. That’s probably why Lucian decided to get Essie transferred, huh… Aubree never liked us being close to Essie. If Lucian decides to be with her, then it’s only natural that he prioritizes her feelings. I feel really bad for Essie, though. I wonder if she has accepted Aubree…

Roxanne snapped out of her train of thought when she heard Lysa let out a helpless sigh. She glanced in Lysa’s direction in confusion, only to see her shake her head before she entered the kitchen.

Lysa had seen how Estella behaved when she was around Roxanne and the boys. She couldn’t stand the fact that Estella had to leave the people she liked so much.

As Roxanne shifted her gaze back toward Archie and Benny, she saw that their eyes had gotten a lot redder. They looked as though they would burst out crying at any second.

Roxanne had rarely ever seen them cry, so she knew they must be really upset. Benny tugged hard on her shirt. “Let’s go, Mommy!”

However, Roxanne brushed his hand off and said in her calmest voice possible, “Mr. Farwell must have his reasons for getting Essie transferred.” Archie and Benny weren’t having any of it. “But Essie will miss us!”

Roxanne let out a helpless chuckle. “That’s true, but the three of you won’t always be together. There will come a day when we have to say goodbye to her.”

Lucian probably knew that was coming. That must be the reason he brought Essie away as soon as possible. Roxanne continued, “Even if Essie didn’t transfer to another kindergarten, I would still be bringing you two overseas with me after my work here is done.”

Archie and Benny were at a loss. What? We’re still leaving the country? Didn’t Mommy give up on that plan?

As though Roxanne had read their minds, she patted them on the heads and said, “Honestly, I’m at fault too. I should’ve separated you two from Essie when I told her we would be leaving the country.”

Archie and Benny could not understand why they had to leave Estella.

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