Mission To Remarry Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000 Saved By The Bell

After that, a long pause ensued. When the dishes were served, they started eating. As Colby observed the two sitting next to him, a strange light glinted in his eyes.

“I was thinking we might need Mr. Damaris’ help in catching the one who orchestrated the fire.” His sudden remark caught everyone by surprise. Jack stopped eating and inquired with an arched brow, “What do you mean?”

Colby explained, “The staff who was bribed encountered some family issues. Though the matter was only made known within the research institute, the culprit was able to find that out and take advantage of his weakness. It goes unsaid that the person has investigated the background of everyone at the research institute.”

His tone of voice grew to become more serious. “He must have done his homework before selecting that particular employee.” This was the first time Roxanne had heard of this speculation, and it caused her heart to skip a beat.

The fire happened one day after the medicinal herbs were delivered to the storage. If the person has carried out a thorough investigation on all the staff, then… How powerful is he to identify Jason within such a short period?

Roxanne fell into a slight daze when she recalled her earlier suspicions. Amused, Jack asked further, “So, Dr. Galloway, what are you saying?”

“The mastermind is no ordinary person to achieve all these. I doubt we could locate him with the mere resources available at the research institute. Hence, we most likely need some help from you, Mr. Damaris.” Colby’s tone was resolute.

At that, Jack stared at him meaningfully. Just when Colby thought his trick was working, Jack posed an unexpected question. “Is there a possibility that the fire was started by someone who works in the research institute? That’s why it was done so effectively?”

Colby’s expression stiffened imperceptibly at that. Judging from his words… Does he really not know the truth? “That’s impossible,” said Roxanne.

The gaze she shot Jack was one of utmost confidence. “No one at the institute would commit such a crime to harm others without benefiting oneself unless one was desperate.”

Jack then looked away from Colby. “I was just taking a wild guess, Ms. Jarvis. Forget what I said since you’re very sure about that. I’ll help to investigate further.”

Roxanne grinned. “Thank you, Mr. Damaris.” Jack bobbed his head in response. Those short minutes of conversation had Colby breaking out in a cold sweat, thinking that he might have been exposed.

Fortunately, he was saved by the bell.

Had it not been for Roxanne, he would have shot himself in the foot.

As he recalled Jack’s words, Colby was overwhelmed by conflicting emotions.

Could it be that Jack has noticed something? Was he trying to test me?

He forced himself to stay calm and await the next chapter to unfold.

However, Jack never mentioned the fire anymore, whereas the troubled Roxanne did not initiate any conversation for the rest of lunch.

In the end, the trio left the restaurant harboring different thoughts.

Roxanne assumed Jack would take his leave after eating. On the contrary, he stayed back at the research institute till evening.

Throughout the afternoon, they engaged in discussions about the usage of the medicinal herbs.

Thankfully, they arrived at a satisfactory answer before knocking off work.

The three of them left the research institute at the same time.

Upon bidding goodbye to the two men, Roxanne made her way to her vehicle.

As she tried to start the car, she realized the engine would not turn on.

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