Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 999

Chapter 999 The Mastermind

There was a slight change of expression on Colby’s face when he heard that. Instantly, his eyes were fixated on Roxanne. She wants to treat Jack to a meal? Since when? How come I know nothing about it? Did they contact each other privately?

Intrigued, he blurted, “Really? When was that?” Roxanne replied, “I made that suggestion when Mr. Damaris and I were talking about the medicinal herbs last night.”

Turning to Jack, she added, “Mr. Damaris has helped our institute fix a huge mess. This meal is nothing significant compared to the favor received.”

In other words, she made it clear that the meal was not meant to pay Jack back for his generosity. Jack did not seem bothered by her words.

He glanced at Colby and teased Roxanne, “How then does Ms. Jarvis plan to return me the favor?” Jack’s gaze, coupled with his question, made Colby’s heart sink.

He quickly turned to Roxanne, impatiently waiting for her response. Putting on a serious expression, she stated, “I’ll definitely make your sacrifice worthwhile.”

Jack raised an eyebrow and gestured for her to continue. “I’ll use them to achieve our desired research outcome,” Roxanne promised.

Upon hearing that, Colby heaved a silent sigh of relief. Jack smiled placidly. “I believe in you, Ms. Jarvis.” Subsequently, the trio checked the herbs sent. When it was nearly noon, Roxanne suggested going for lunch, to which Jack agreed happily.

“Do join us, Dr. Galloway.” She turned to Colby. Taken aback, the latter subconsciously looked at Jack, who gave an indifferent response.

“Let’s go together. You’ve worked hard throughout this project, Dr. Galloway.”

With that, Colby nodded. They did not go far but simply settled in a nearby restaurant. After taking their seats, the gentlemen let Roxanne do the honors.

She did not reject the idea and placed orders for all of them before handing the menu back to the server.

“By the way, how’s the fire investigation coming along?” Jack brought up the matter like a bolt from the blue.

No one noticed Colby’s body stiffen briefly as soon as Jack popped the question.

Furrowing her brows, Roxanne said, “We only know that an internal staff was bribed to do that, but nobody knows who’s the mastermind.”

At that thought, a headache started assailing her.

Colby slowly recovered his senses and took a sidelong glance at Jack. He relaxed further upon realizing that the latter was not focusing on him.

This is supposed to be a lunch between Jack and Roxanne, but he let me tag along and even bring up the matter in my presence in a seemingly casual manner.

At first, Colby suspected Jack had discovered the truth.

But after those words, it seemed his concerns were unwarranted. Jack was just genuinely concerned about the case.

At that thought, Colby chimed in, “I’ve checked all the staff at the research institute, and I can guarantee this won’t happen twice. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the medicinal herbs.”

Jack quirked his lips and nodded. “I hope so. Anyhow, it’s best we catch the culprit as soon as possible.”

Roxanne nodded in agreement.

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