Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 998

Chapter 998 Do Not Pressure Yourself

After receiving her blessings from her children, Roxanne headed toward the garage. Although Jack came all the way to pick her up, she had no intention of being his passenger.

More importantly, she did not want to upset her sons or create any misunderstanding. Jack watched her drive the car out from the garage without saying a word. Smiling, he ignited the engine and led the way.

With that, the two of them set off to the research institute one after another. By the time they arrived, the staff from Damaris Group were offloading the medicinal herbs at the main entrance. Colby was there to welcome them.

When the latter saw the two come in separate cars, his expression darkened. “Thanks for your hard work, Dr. Galloway,” uttered Jack.

He was the first one to get out of his car before striding toward the entrance. Colby recomposed himself and asked nonchalantly, “Mr. Damaris, Dr. Jarvis, you guys…?”

Roxanne’s house was in the opposite direction than heading to the research institute from the Damaris residence. Seeing them both arrive from the same direction made Colby suspect that Jack had gone to visit Roxanne in the morning again.

If that’s really the case, they are getting a tad bit too close. “Oh, I detoured to Ms. Jarvis’ residence. Initially, I intended to drive her here, but…”

Jack arched his brow and dropped the topic. Yet, Colby was able to figure out that Roxanne had declined the former’s good intentions.

When he came to that realization, Colby felt much better.

Roxanne quickly got out of her car and jogged toward the entrance of the institute. “Sorry, I’m late.”

She flashed a smile at Colby, looking apologetic.

The latter was not too fazed by the matter. “There’s nothing much to do besides supervising the delivery of the medicinal herbs. Moreover, these are from the Damaris Group. I can definitely handle this alone.”

As he spoke, he took a casual glance at Jack, who responded with a gentlemanly nod.

The delivery was almost completed by the time Roxanne got there.

It did not take long for the truckload of medicinal herbs to be transferred to the storage area.

Learning from her past experience, Roxanne improved the remaining storage rooms at the research institute by adding fireproof materials to them.

Even so, she could not stop worrying about it. She had to check it personally to be assured that everything was in order.

“I bet the Damaris family has spent a fortune on these medicinal herbs,” Colby commented inadvertently.

Hearing so, Roxanne instinctively gazed at Jack.

When the latter brought it up during conversation the night before, she was sure the Damaris family would pay a lucrative amount for the herbs. However, she did not know how much exactly.

Now that Colby mentioned it, she felt a strong urge to find out more.

Jack laughed it off. “It’s just a favor. Money is secondary. Please receive it gladly with open arms.”

Frowning, Roxanne replied in a serious tone, “I’ll make full use of these medicinal herbs, and I won’t let the Damaris family pay for nothing.”

For a big and prominent family like the Damarises, relationships and ties were far more important than money.

Therefore, Roxanne knew she had to utilize the herbs to their maximum value.

Jack nodded satisfactorily as he patted her shoulder in hopes of comforting her. “Don’t pressure yourself too much.”

Roxanne remained solemn and said nothing.

Exasperated, he went on, “Didn’t you say that you wanted to treat me to a meal as a token of appreciation?”

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