Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 997

Chapter 997 Win Her Over

After staying up the entire night, Roxanne got up super early the next morning. She wanted to leave as soon as possible for the research institute because Jack was scheduled to deliver the medicinal herbs on time.

Hence, she did not want to keep him waiting. With that thought in mind, Roxanne tried to stay awake. Upon getting dressed, she went downstairs, only to be greeted by two concerned children at the dining table.

Roxanne sat down next to Archie and Benny. Then, she gave them both a peck on the cheek like she always did. When she lifted her head, she noticed faint dark circles under the kids’ eyes.

She frowned immediately and asked, “You two didn’t have a good night’s sleep?” The boys shook their heads, feeling guilty. Benny answered in a piping voice, “I had a nightmare and caused Archie to sleep poorly.”

Though feeling groggy, Roxanne could tell that it was just an excuse. She snapped her brows together and said, “You can come over and look for me the next time you have a bad dream.”

The little boy nodded obediently in response.

Thereafter, Roxanne said nothing as she started eating her breakfast.

She wanted to finish it as fast as she could in order to leave for the research institute.

Just as she finished eating, the doorbell unexpectedly rang.

She froze for a second before standing up to get the door.

When she found out who it was, a deep frown instantly marred her countenance. “Mr. Damaris, why are you here?”

He should be preparing the medicinal herbs at Damaris Group right now.

Jack flashed a smile. “I hope I didn’t disturb your morning.”

Confused, Roxanne shook her head.

Jack explained, “Well, it’s still early, so I’m here to pick you up while my assistant looks after the preparation of the herbs.”

He scanned behind her and added, “Also, I wanted to swing by to see Archie and Benny. You mentioned they were unwell some time back, and I felt really bad for not visiting them for the longest time.”

The boys seemed to have heard him. Within seconds, they dashed out from the dining area.

“Mommy, are Mr. Farwell and Essie here?” They sounded extremely excited.

Roxanne darted a glance at the man standing before her, then at the kids. For a moment, she did not know how to respond.

She recalled the children disliking Jack.

As the kids thought Lucian and Estella were here, they were all beaming happily, but the smiles on their faces froze when they saw who was at the door. They failed to hide their disappointment.

“Hi, how have you been? It’s been ages.” Jack ignored the utter disappointment on the boys’ faces.

Snapping back to their senses, Archie and Benny greeted him courteously, “Hi, Mr. Damaris.”

Benny could not help but ask, “Are you here to drive Mommy to work?”

As far as he could remember, each time Jack appeared, Roxanne would follow him to work.

Jack nodded noncommittally. “You are such a clever boy, Benny! Yes, I’m afraid your mommy has to go soon.”

Just then, Roxanne was ready to leave.

Since the children had guessed it right, she caressed their heads and said gently, “I’m going to work. Ms. Lane will take you both to school in a bit.”

Subsequently, she gave Jack a nod to indicate that she was ready to go.

However, the boys were very reluctant about it.

Mommy and Daddy haven’t patched things up yet, and Mr. Damaris is now in the picture. Will he win Mommy over? What if Mommy doesn’t want Daddy anymore?

The thought of it made Archie and Benny stare at Roxanne with recrimination.

Roxanne was rendered speechless.

As Jack entered the car, she bent down and gave the boys a solemn promise.

“This is nothing but work. Rest assured that I’ll seek your agreement first should I have any plans to find you a daddy.”

At that, the boys had no choice but to let her go.

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