Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 995

Chapter 995 Full Of Worry

When they arrived back home, Archie and Benny wanted to cheer Roxanne up, but she did not give them a chance to do so as she headed straight for the study.

When they saw Roxanne’s retreating figure, they felt disappointed and worried. They kept thinking that something must have happened at Lucian’s house that they did not know about.

Roxanne closed the door to the study. She had a conflicted look as she sat at the desk. The truth was, she did not have any work. That was just an excuse she came up with at the very last minute.

She thought of how she felt when she saw Lucian and Aubree together and felt a strange feeling tug at her heart.

What’s wrong with me? I knew that Lucian was using me as his tool to compete in business. His previous pursuit was all talk. But why does my heart feel heavy when I see him with another woman…

Roxanne had no idea how to face this version of herself. Suddenly, the ringing of a phone tore her away from her thoughts. She snapped back to her senses and looked down at the phone screen.

It was a call from Jack. I wonder why he’s calling me at such a late hour. “Mr. Damaris, what’s the matter?”

On the other end of the call, Jack’s voice was gentle as he said, “Did I interrupt your rest?”

Roxanne bit her lip. “No. I just came home.” Upon hearing that, Jack finally felt relieved and switched the topic. “I heard from Dr. Galloway that the medicinal herbs from Herbscape Group were also burned in the fire at the research institute.”

Roxanne was taken aback. She did not expect Colby to tell Jack about it.

Jack continued without waiting for her to answer, “I found another way to get more. I’ll send them to you tomorrow.”

Roxanne frowned and instinctively refused, “Since they were burned at our research institute, we’ll find a way to get more ourselves.”

After all, this batch of medicinal herbs was to be used for a project. Jack had found a way to get the previous batch, but they were burned at the research institute.

Logically, they should be the ones to think of a way to get more medicinal herbs this time.

However, Jack did not mind as he said, “As long as the project can proceed successfully, it’s nothing but a batch of medicinal herbs. You don’t need to take it to heart.”

Roxanne still felt guilty. “But…”

Jack had already spent so much money on Herbscape Group. It was inappropriate for Damaris Group to continue doing so.

On the other end of the call, Jack could hear the hesitance in Roxanne’s voice. He smiled and said, “Damaris Group originally led this project. You all are just researchers. Hence, it’s only right for Damaris Group to fork up the costs. If you still feel guilty about it, how about you treat me to lunch?”

Since he had spelled things out so clearly, Roxanne had no reason to refuse, be it the medicinal herbs that Damaris Group would be providing once more or Jack’s suggestion of treating him to lunch.

“When are you free, Mr. Damaris?” she asked frankly.

Jack was surprised as he did not expect she would agree to it so quickly. He was silent for a few seconds before he smiled and answered, “I’m free anytime.”

Nodding, Roxanne mulled over it before she suggested, “Since you’ll be sending the medicinal herbs here, how about tomorrow?”

Jack agreed without a single moment of hesitance.

The two of them chatted for a while before ending the call.

It was getting late, and Roxanne remembered that she had work tomorrow. She calmed herself down and left the study.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Archie and Benny standing outside with faces full of worry.

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