Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 994

Chapter 994 No One Can Steal Him From Me

Roxanne’s car came to a stop at the entrance of the Farwell residence. She shut off the engine and hesitated momentarily, wondering if she should call Lucian.

After all, she was visiting him at night. Even if it was to check on him, the visit was too sudden. As that thought crossed her mind, Roxanne reached out to grab her phone. She could see the mansion’s entrance from the corner of her eye.

It looked like two people were standing there. She stopped her actions and frowned as she stared at the entrance of the mansion. Though hidden behind the trees, she could vaguely see Lucian and Aubree standing there.

In Aubree’s hands seemed to be a coat. After some time, Lucian turned and smiled as he took the coat from her hands. From afar, the atmosphere between them looked harmonious.

Although it was hard to see clearly from this distance, Lucian’s smile was an eyesore. Lucian kept saying he’ll win me over, but he’s never smiled at me like that before…

As she also thought of what Lucian said about settling his relationship with Aubree, a piercing pain stabbed her in the heart. Is he so-call handling the relationship by flirting with her like he’s doing now?

In the end, the words Lucian used to butter me up were so that he could use me and compete with Jack in business. I’m nothing but a tool of his.

“Mommy?” Archie and Benny suddenly called out as she got lost in her thoughts. They were in a rush to get out of the car to meet Lucian, but Roxanne had kept the doors locked.

Roxanne snapped back to her senses and tried to suppress the change in her emotions as she asked, “What is it?” Benny was puzzled. “Aren’t we going to check on Mr. Farwell? Let’s go down!”

Upon hearing that, Roxanne looked down, and her hand reaching for her phone returned to its position at the steering wheel. “I suddenly remembered that I still have work to finish, so there’s no time to visit him today.”

After saying that, she started the engine. Archie and Benny exchanged glances, their eyes filled with confusion. “But…”

Mommy had already promised us, so it meant that she didn’t have any more work. Why is there work that she needs to finish all of a sudden?

Archie and Benny thought of their mother’s actions and followed her gaze to look at the manor.

However, they could not see anything due to their short stature.

Roxanne had already started the car and turned, driving toward the road she had come from.

Archie and Benny wanted to say something, but they noticed that Roxanne was in a bad mood, so they stayed quiet.

Meanwhile, at the Farwell residence, Aubree stared at the car slowly driving off, and a smug smile appeared on her lips.

So what if Roxanne came? Lucian is mine. No one can steal him from me!

Aubree was satisfied as she watched the car drive further into the dark before her gaze switched to Lucian, and she said, “Lucian, it’s getting late. The two of you should rest. I need to get going too.”

Lucian nodded, not sparing a glance toward her.

Aubree did not get angry either as she made her way toward the entrance of the manor.

Although her efforts for the day were wasted, she had to admit that Roxanne’s action just now made her feel much better.

She could accept everything, including Lucian ignoring her.

I believe that after today, that b*tch will understand her place and stay away from Lucian!

At the entrance of the mansion, Lucian frowned as he watched Aubree leave.

He thought he might be seeing things as she had left in a seemingly good mood.

What did she do this time without me knowing?

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