Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 992

Chapter 992 We Are Going Too

A crease appeared between Roxanne’s eyebrows. Prior to this, Lucian would usually drive himself when he went to pick up Estella. Since he actually let the driver chauffer them…

At that thought, Roxanne felt as if something was not right. “Is Catalina not around? Why would he personally go pick her up if he was unwell?” Roxanne looked at Archie and Benny in confusion. Her question caused Archie and Benny to think of Aubree.

Perhaps Mommy would visit Daddy if she knew that the evil woman was loitering around him… On second thought, if Mommy went to visit, maybe that woman would even leave, and Essie won’t have to fear her anymore.

With this in mind, Archie began to explain the situation. “The evil woman was going to bring Essie home, but Essie refused to go with her. Mr. Farwell arrived before things escalated.”

Archie’s tone was quite cheerful as he said, “Mr. Farwell knows that Essie doesn’t like her.” Naturally, Roxanne was aware of the “evil woman’s” identity, but she couldn’t be bothered to correct their term of address at the moment.

I can’t believe Aubree had the audacity to go to the kindergarten. This means that she must be aware of Lucian falling sick. In fact, she may have come from the Farwell residence! At that thought, Roxanne recalled the incident with the bacterial infection.

Although they did not have solid evidence, they knew that Nancy had once worked for the Pearson family’s research institute. That fact alone was enough to pin the suspicion on Aubree.

If Aubree dared to lay a hand on Estella, not once, but twice, what was stopping her from harming Lucian? A chill ran down Roxanne’s spine at the thought.

I’ve known Lucian for so many years, but I’ve never seen him fall sick, ever! It must not be an ordinary illness…

“Mommy, are you listening to us?” Archie and Benny anxiously inquired when they saw that Roxanne was deep in thought. Roxanne snapped back to her senses and forced a smile. “It sounds quite serious. Has he gone to the hospital for a checkup?”

“I think he was seen by the family doctor, but it wasn’t enough to reassure Essie,” Archie replied. Roxanne, too, did not feel reassured.

It would be too easy to misdiagnose the bacterial infection with a simple checkup. Archie’s and Benny’s eyes glittered when they saw how worried Roxanne looked.

Benny urged, “Mommy, why don’t you check up on Mr. Farwell? I’m sure Essie would feel better if you went over.”

Archie hurried to add, “Yeah! Essie says that you’re the best doctor in the world!” In addition to her own speculation, Roxanne was convinced by the two children’s coaxing. Finally, she agreed to it.

“I will pay him a visit after dinner,” she said. Truth be told, Archie and Benny had not expected their mother to agree to it so easily. It took them several seconds to recover from their shock.

“We want to go too!” Roxanne frowned. “No, you boys should stay home. It would be bad if he passes the cold to the both of you.”

Archie and Benny insisted, “We only want to visit Essie. We promise not to go inside!”

They were worried about their father and wanted to see how he was doing too. Roxanne assumed that the kids truly wanted to play with Estella. Hence, she did not give the matter further thought.

As soon as they finished dinner, the kids urged her to depart quickly.

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