Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 978

Chapter 978 As Much As You Want

Lucian noticed the guilty look on his mother’s face. “I’ll handle my own marriage and Estella’s life. What you think is best may not be the best in others’ eyes.”

In other words, he was telling her to stop meddling in his personal affairs. Sonya felt angry and guilty at the same time. “Whatever I did, I did it for your own good.” Lucian refused to respond to her because he knew how stubborn his mother was. Whatever I say is pointless.

“Essie is my granddaughter, so obviously I care about her. I wanted to bring her back with me, but she was crying for you. In the end, I still brought her back here, didn’t I? Even if Essie has accepted Roxanne, Roxanne still has two more kids. If you were to be with her in the future, what would happen to those two kids of hers? Are you going to give the Farwell family’s inheritance to those… children?”

With much effort, she managed to stop herself from calling Archie and Benny a pair of illegitimate children.

Prior to that, Sonya had never thought about the matter in that manner.

However, when she realized how biased Lucian was toward Roxanne, she had no choice but to consider the issue from that perspective. What if Roxanne really comes back? What’s going to happen to those two illegitimate children? Are they going to be a part of the Farwell family? Am I supposed to watch Lucian give the Farwell family’s inheritance to those two illegitimate children? I can’t let that happen! That’s it. I want no one but Aubree to be the Farwell family’s daughter-in-law! At the very least, Aubree is a lot more decent than Roxanne! Even if Lucian and Aubree decide not to have their own children in the future, at least I know Essie is still a descendant of the Farwell family!

Lucian remained silent the entire time.

Although Sonya’s words were harsh, Lucian could only frown in response.

Seeing how bullheaded Lucian was, Sonya abruptly stood up and roared, “I can’t do anything about the fact that you’re delaying your wedding with Aubree. But for as long as I’m still breathing, I’ll never accept Roxanne as your wife!”

With that, she left without turning back.

Lucian merely watched her leave the mansion instead of sending her off.

“Mr. Farwell.” Catalina had been waiting upstairs the entire time. She only went down with a concerned expression after she saw Sonya leave.

“How’s Essie?” Lucian asked.

Catalina looked upstairs and said, “She’s still crying.”

She couldn’t console Estella, so she had gone down to ask Lucian for help.

Lucian nodded and went up to Estella’s room.

As usual, she was hiding at the foot of the bed, hugging her knees, and burying her head in between her knees.

It was as if that was the only way she could isolate herself from the rest of the world.

Seeing that, Lucian paused in his tracks for a brief moment before continuing forward with a casual expression on his face.

“Don’t cry, Essie.”

Estella raised her head when she heard his voice.

That tear-filled face of hers could definitely break one’s heart, Lucian’s included.

He wiped the tears off of her cheeks and asked in a deep voice, “What did your grandma say to you?”

“Grandma said I can’t play with Archie and Benny anymore,” Estella choked out tearfully.

Lucian patted her head and uttered, “You don’t have to take those words seriously. You can play with them as much as you want.”

“Really?” Estella was skeptical.

“Whatever I say, goes.” Lucian nodded.

Estella gradually stopped crying when she heard that.

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