Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 975

Chapter 975 Breaking My Heart

After lunch, Archie and Benny made up an excuse by saying they wanted to nap before running back to their room. Roxanne was feeling drained as well, so she tidied up the dining room before taking a nap herself.

In the boys’ room upstairs, Archie and Benny, who were supposed to be asleep, sat facing each other on the edge of their respective beds. At that moment, sadness was written all over their faces.

“I feel so sad, Archie.” Benny pursed his lips, and tears were welling up in his eyes. Benny had always been more sensitive. Not only did Sonya scold him, but she also brought Estella away.

Archie raised his gaze toward Benny. When Archie saw Benny’s red eyes, he immediately got up and sat next to him. “You can feel sad, but you can’t cry,” Archie said.

Hearing that, Benny pouted and replied, “But why did Grandma have to talk to us that way?” Benny thought he was just being polite when he addressed Sonya as Grandma.

When he recalled how Sonya had scolded him moments ago, he couldn’t help but want to burst into tears.

Archie knew exactly how Benny felt. “Grandma treated us that way because she doesn’t know about our background. Besides, she hasn’t even accepted Mommy yet. I wonder what happened when Daddy and Mommy separated back then. It seems that Grandma doesn’t like Mommy one bit.”

Benny agreed with Archie’s analysis, and he nodded. What Grandma said to Mommy was worse than what Grandma said to us. With that in mind, Benny couldn’t help but worry about Roxanne’s feelings. Mommy must be feeling worse than we do.

“If we want Grandma to treat Mommy better, we must get Daddy and Mommy back together,” Archie uttered in a serious tone. “Only then can they resolve the misunderstandings between them, and Grandma will finally know about our background.”

Benny looked excited when he exclaimed, “By then, Grandma won’t have a problem with Essie addressing us as her brothers!”

Archie nodded upon hearing that. There was also a hint of anticipation in his eyes.

“But…” Benny suddenly frowned.

Archie looked at Benny in puzzlement.

“I don’t know what is Daddy going to do about Ms. Pearson,” Benny continued in his cute voice. As long as Ms. Pearson is still around, there’s no way Mommy is going to accept Daddy. Daddy is also at fault. He told us he would settle the matter, but it’s still not settled.

Archie was worried about the same thing, but he chose to have faith in Lucian. Since Daddy has already said he would handle it, he surely will!

Right then, the boys made up their minds. If Daddy succumbs to Grandma’s pressure and marries Ms. Pearson, we’ll tell Daddy about our identities! By then, Daddy will surely leave Ms. Pearson!

Meanwhile, Sonya was driving Estella back to the Farwell residence.

Estella was crying throughout the journey.

Prior to that, Sonya was only pissed off at Roxanne. But now that she was alone with Estella, her cries broke her heart.

“You’re a good girl, Essie. I’ll bring you to shop for pretty dresses and dolls, okay?” Sonya tried to distract Estella, but it did not work at all.

Estella was still crying just as loud.

Sonya had no choice but to change her tactic and coax the little one along the way home.

“I want Daddy…” Estella sobbed, her face full of tears.

Sonya had no choice but to give in. I would rather her ask for Lucian than Roxanne!

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