Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 974

Chapter 974 Four Servings

Estella had already been taken away, so there was nothing they could do now. Roxanne could only return to the mansion with Archie and Benny. The three kids were going to help her with lunch, but in the end, she had to do it herself.

After finishing cooking lunch with mixed feelings, Roxanne went to the living room to call Archie and Benny over to eat. However, she received no reply after calling them twice.

Confused, she walked over to them and saw them sitting on the carpet absent-mindedly with the untouched Lego model before them. “What are you thinking about?”

Noticing that they looked depressed, Roxanne squatted before them in concern. Only then did the two come back to their senses. They only shared a glance and did not reply to Roxanne as they were thinking about Sonya’s words.

As they had been focused on helping Estella stay, they had no time to care about their own emotions. Now that Sonya had left with Estella, they felt despondent thinking about what had happened just now.

That’s our grandma, but she doesn’t want to acknowledge us. “Mommy, can we still play with Essie in the future?” Benny could not help but ask. Roxanne paused to ponder upon hearing that question.

I’m not sure too. From what I know of Sonya’s personality, I think she may make Estella transfer schools or do like what Aubree did and kick Archie and Benny out of kindergarten.

However, meeting Benny’s hopeful look, Roxanne could not bring herself to say no. “Of course,” she said, forcing a smile.

Wearing a doubtful and disappointed look on his face, Archie lowered his head and said, “But Grandma doesn’t like us, and she doesn’t allow Essie to call us her brothers.”

They were indirectly complaining about Sonya not recognizing them as her grandsons, but Roxanne thought they were worried Sonya wouldn’t let them play with Estella.

“What she says isn’t important. It’s enough as long as Essie loves you two.” Roxanne stroked Archie’s and Benny’s heads. “You two treat Essie so well and love her so much. She will remember that. Although you may not see her for the time being, she will definitely come back and play with you again in the future.”

“Really?” “I believe Essie loves you two as much as you love her,” Roxanne responded with a smile. Only then did a faint smile spread across Archie’s and Benny’s faces.

“All right, get up. Let’s go eat. The food is getting cold.” They stood up and sat down with her at the dining table obediently.

Roxanne thought she had already successfully comforted the two, but unfortunately, their dejected expressions were blatant as they ate. “Are you both still upset?”

Archie and Benny were still thinking about Sonya, but they didn’t want Roxanne to know. Benny panicked upon hearing that since he didn’t know what excuse to give.

Thankfully, Archie was quick to react. “We made four servings.” Roxanne glanced at the dining table. Estella’s favorite meatballs were still on the table, untouched.

Archie’s reminder also saddened Roxanne, but she forced herself to suppress it and comforted her sons first. Giving them a meatball each, she said, “Since Essie can’t eat it, we’ll help her eat it. That way, it will be as if Essie’s eating with us.”

Staring at the signature meatballs in their bowls, Archie and Benny nodded obediently.

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