Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 972

Chapter 972 You Have No Brothers

Roxanne had long guessed Sonya would treat her with an unpleasant attitude. Although she was displeased, she didn’t show it on her face.

“It’s Essie and Mr. Farwell’s wishes that Essie stays here. As you’re her grandma, I have nothing to say if you want to bring her back, but I hope you respect Essie’s opinions.”

Sonya frowned in displeasure. I’ve already asked Essie just now. I wonder what sorcery Roxanne has cast on her to make her refuse to go home. That’s why I turned to ask Roxanne, but I didn’t expect this woman to be so tactless!

Sonya was livid. Just then, Estella spoke. “Grandma, I don’t want to go home. I want to stay here and play with Archie and Benny.” Estella looked at Sonya pitifully.

Usually, when Estella wore such an expression, Sonya would have gone along with her wishes. However, she was filled with rage right now, so Estella’s look only added fuel to the fire.

“You have to go home even if you don’t want to. You belong to the Farwell family. How can you stay at someone else’s house all the time and cause them trouble?”

Cowering in fear, Estella replied forlornly, “I didn’t cause trouble.” She turned to look at Roxanne, wanting to get her agreement. Roxanne’s heart softened as she met Estella’s gaze and nodded with a smile. “You didn’t cause trouble.”

Upon hearing that, Estella turned to look at Sonya again, hoping the latter would understand that she wasn’t a trouble to Roxanne.

The fire in Sonya’s heart burned even stronger when she heard their conversation, but she couldn’t vent her anger at Estella. She raised her head to look at Roxanne, who was standing at the side.

“If you’re so free, you might as well spend more time on your two children. Essie belongs to the Farwell family. You don’t need to pretend to be nice and look after her!” Sonya said, sweeping a cold glance at Archie and Benny.

Archie and Benny had been staring longingly at Sonya. Since she was Estella’s grandmother, it meant she was also their grandmother.

Although they never lacked the love of an elder, they still felt an inexplicable sense of kinship seeing Sonya.

However, that warmth faded when they noticed Sonya’s attitude toward Roxanne, and now, they felt even more disappointed to be looked upon so coldly by Sonya.

With that, they averted their gazes from Sonya. Roxanne stepped forward and pulled them behind her. “I’m only doing what I’m supposed to do as a doctor. Mrs. Farwell, you don’t need to worry. I have no interest in that position.”

Archie and Benny did not understand what position she was referring to, but Sonya did. “You better be!” Sonya snorted before standing up from the couch while carrying Estella.

When Estella realized that Sonya was taking her away, tears immediately gathered in her eyes. “Archie, Benny… My brothers…” she choked out.

Sonya’s heart ached for a moment when she heard Estella’s sorrowful voice, but she soon steeled her heart and said sternly, “They are not your brothers. The Farwell family only has one child. You have no brothers.”

That only made Estella wail harder. Unable to look on any longer, Roxanne wanted to go forward and comfort Estella, but Sonya’s gaze pinned her to her spot.

However, Archie and Benny only noticed that Estella was crying badly, so they hurriedly ran over to comfort her. “Grandma, please let Essie stay for another two days! We will take good care of her!”

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