Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 970

Chapter 970 I Give Up

Sonya did not mention the possibility of their reconciliation. Lucian tensed slightly when he heard that. Sonya continued, “I was the one who brought Essie up. I will never allow you to give her away!”

When Lucian realized that his mother was off the topic, he rubbed his temples and said, “It’s not what you think. Two days ago, Essie fell ill. She’s recuperating at Ms. Jarvis’ place now.”

He felt that Sonya was trying to hide something, and he did not believe a single word she had just said. He felt that she had already known what had happened two days ago.

As far as he was concerned, it was pointless to lie anymore. Sonya finally had a legitimate reason to be furious when her son told her the truth.

“Why didn’t you let me know Essie is ill? I can’t believe you left her with Roxanne!” Lucian merely frowned and said nothing. He could not be bothered to argue with his mother with regard to the matter.

“Roxanne abandoned her first. And something bad always happens to Essie when she’s with Roxanne! Yet you still dare to allow the two of them to be together! Even if you aren’t worried, I am!”

Fury was written all over Sonya’s face. “I don’t care what you’re thinking. I want you to bring Essie back right now! If you don’t wish to take care of her, then I will!”

Lucian had no idea what he had said to make his own mother think that he did not want Estella.

Seeing that Sonya was livid, he could only explain to her calmly, “Essie is still recuperating, but that’s not the point. Ms. Jarvis is highly skilled in medicine, and it puts me at ease knowing that Essie is under her care.”

Sonya begged to differ. “Given our wealth and resources, we should be able to get her any doctor. Why must we engage Roxanne? Bring Essie back. I’ll find her the best doctor!”

There was no response from Lucian.

Sonya could tell that her son was not going to accede to her demands, and her face fell. “You can forget about the idea of reconciliation with Roxanne. As long as I’m alive, I will never allow her to be married into the Farwell family again!”

“You think too much.” In the end, Lucian still decided to say something. Even if the reconciliation had crossed his mind, Roxanne would not agree to it. Sonya was puzzled.

Lucian suppressed the frustration within him and explained patiently once more, “Essie was in a critical situation. Thankfully, Ms. Jarvis managed to brew the traditional medicine in time. That alleviated Essie’s symptoms. I only feel that no one else can understand Essie’s condition better than she does.”

It sounded very reasonable. However, as far as Sonya was concerned, Roxanne was the reason Estella became ill. She was not appeased despite hearing Lucian’s explanation.

Lucian assured his mother, “Leaving Essie with Roxanne is the most appropriate thing to do right now. Once Essie has recovered, I will definitely bring her back.”

No matter what, he had no intention of bringing Estella back right then. Sonya was extremely angry, but she decided not to discuss the matter with him anymore.

Since he refuses to bring the girl back, then I will do it myself! It’s no big deal! I know where she stays. With that plan in mind, Sonya controlled her fury and put on a calm demeanor. “So be it. I give up!”

She then strode out of the manor as if she no longer cared about the matter. Looking at his mother’s back view, Lucian found it strange. However, he did not know why and decided to let the matter rest.

Sonya drove toward Roxanne’s home once she came out of the manor.

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