Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 915

Chapter 915 Generous Man

Jonathan soon accepted a call from Dean.

As Lucian had already discussed with Dean about the acquisition, Jonathan easily bargained with the latter until he agreed to sell the company for a third of the original price.

Dean could only mourn the loss silently. He knew that Farwell Group and Queen Group would take the opportunity to fetch a low price, but he never thought it would be this low.

Nevertheless, he had no choice but to swallow his misery and submit to fate. After the negotiation of the price, Dean contacted Jack and informed him about the acquisition.

Although the price was far lower than he preferred, Jack knew that he was in no position to negotiate for a higher price. Thus, he made no comments about it and waited to perform the equity transfer after the investigation.

Two days later, the investigation on Herbscape Group ended. The executives of Herbscape Group were all arrested, and a case was established.

Jonathan arrived early to wait for the equity transfer. As a business partner, Lucian was there as well.

By the time Lucian arrived, most of the executives were already escorted into the police cars. Dean was the only one left, signing the papers with a trembling hand.

When Jonathan saw Lucian, he walked over gleefully while waving the documents in his hand.

“It’s a success!” Lucian inclined his head in response. “How much is the price?”

He had left Herbscape Group in Jonathan’s hands and had not concerned himself with the matter the entire time.

The merry expression Jonathan had on his face at that moment made Lucian sure that the former had to have bought Herbscape Group for a low price.

“A third of the original,” Jonathan replied before chuckling.

He then turned to look at the gloomy Dean and said, “He only has himself to blame for being so blind previously. This is just his lesson.”

Though, it was a harsh lesson.

However, it was not as if Jonathan had a hint of remorse in him.

Lucian bobbed his head in response. That amount was similar to his expectations.

“Mr. Farwell…” Dean squeezed out as he came over to Lucian.

All Lucian did was briefly glance at him in silence.

Dean forced himself to continue, “Thank you for having mercy on me. From now on, Herbscape Group will listen to every one of your orders. We’ll never go against anything you say!”

With that, he carefully studied Lucian’s expression.

Lucian remained unfazed; he only gave a quick glance at the police cars driving off.

If Dean had not been the one most familiar with Herbscape Group, he would have been in the police car as well.

When Dean looked in the direction Lucian was looking, he shuddered again and hastily clamped his mouth shut. He was afraid that Lucian would regret his decision if he were to say another word.

Fortunately, Lucian ignored him. Once they were done with the procedures, he went away with Jonathan.

“Tsk, Jack even spent so much money on Herbscape Group. What a generous man,” Jonathan remarked with a sigh when he saw the twelve billion in Herbscape Group’s financial statement.

Lucian peeked at it before grinning in ridicule.

It was clear that Jack had wanted to save Herbscape Group, but alas, his efforts were for naught.

The money he had poured into the company had gone to waste.

“Well, he had this coming,” Jonathan mocked. “How dare he try to steal that person from us? He should have taken a good look in the mirror at himself.”

Right as those words were out of his mouth, he deliberately let his gaze drift to Lucian.

Both knew who Jonathan was talking about.

The mention of that woman made Lucian’s eyes darken.

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