Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 913

Chapter 913 A Hot Potato

Feeling that he had given out enough hints, Colby said nothing else and stood up to leave.

Roxanne’s face fell as she watched the office door slowly close.

The only one she could think of was Lucian.

If it really is him… I wonder what the hell was he actually thinking…

The kiss last night was still fresh in her mind.

If things are as Jack thought, did he do this because of me?

At that moment, panic swamped her.

Meanwhile, Herbscape Group was in chaos.

After getting investigated by the two departments, all the mess Herbscape Group had in the past was exposed to the public.

Dean was facing a lawsuit, and he was panicking to the point his mind was going blank.

Left without a choice, he steeled himself and contacted Jack.

He reckoned Damaris Group would not sit on their hands and watch as Herbscape Group collapsed after how the latter had provided Damaris Group that many medicinal herbs and how much money Damaris Group had invested in Herbscape Group.

However, after a few tries, it became clear that Jack did not wish to pick up the call.

Dean’s heart sank, but he still held onto hope and called Jack’s assistant.

Unlike Jack, the assistant picked up the call quickly.

“It’s me, Herbscape Group’s chairman—”

Before Dean could finish his sentence, the assistant cut him off.

“I’m sorry, but Mr. Damaris is currently busy. Once he is done with his work, I’ll convey to him that you’ve called.”

With that said, the assistant ended the call immediately.

Dean’s face turned ghostly pale as he listened to the engaged tone coming out of the speakers.

They were both businessmen, and by then, he understood what Jack was telling him with his actions.

In other words, Damaris Group was abandoning them.

“What are we going to do, Mr. Lacroix?” The executives of the company were crowding around Dean, their faces ashen as if they had seen a ghost.

Dean was already frustrated, and their voices only made him even more irked.

“What can we do? Tell me, what can we do? Am I the only one with a brain here? At most, we’ll all be in jail together!”

These people are all haughty and suave at most times, but now, at a crucial moment, the only words coming out of their mouths are “What can we do!”

Livid, Dean slammed his phone on the table and snapped, “What a useless bunch of people!”

The executives were already terrified at the prospect of imprisonment, and now, they were witnessing Dean’s wrath. None dared to make a sound after that.

After ending the call, the assistant lifted his head to look at Jack.

“What did he say?”

Jack had been in his office in Damaris Group the entire time, and he had overheard his assistant’s call with Dean.

After all, he was the one who instructed his assistant to pick up Dean’s call.

The people at Herbscape Group had been forced to the edge of the cliff, and Jack would like to see if they could come up with any good plans to deal with their crisis.

However, the assistant shook his head and said, “As you said, he’s here to ask for help from you.”

Hearing that, Jack mocked, “What a loser.”

It’s a miracle he even climbed all the way to that position. He’s already at death’s door, but he’s still thinking of relying on someone else. I guess it’s only natural for Herbscape Group to end up in this way with a chairman like him.

“What do you think we should do with Herbscape Group?” Jack asked his assistant.

His assistant furrowed his brows momentarily. “Keeping Herbscape Group here after the trouble they’ve caused will be the same as holding onto a hot potato.”

Jack nodded in agreement and gestured for him to continue.

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