Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 912

Chapter 912 Hidden

Only after hearing Colby’s response did Roxanne relax slightly. “I see. I’ll leave it to you, then. Feel free to come to me if you need anything,” she said.

Colby agreed. Roxanne couldn’t help adding emotionally, “If you can find those medicinal herbs again, you’ll solve a huge problem for me.”

Finally, Colby felt chirpy upon hearing Roxanne’s tone. Ever since Roxanne went to the research institute, she had been solving all kinds of problems on her own.

She would only let him, the person in charge of the research institute, help her with trivial matters.

Therefore, Colby knew that despite her praises, she had always only regarded him as an ordinary researcher at the research institute.

After all, he was nothing compared to the men she had by her side.

This time around, he was rather surprised at the fact that it didn’t take much to trick Roxanne into holding him in high regard.

No one would’ve expected him to do so much just to create a distance between Roxanne and other men. It’ll be so much better if Roxanne would follow my hints and shift her suspicions toward Jack and Lucian.

Colby was elated when he imagined how Roxanne would drift away from those two men and toward himself because of what had happened.

“Don’t worry. Since an employee of the research institute is to blame for this mess, I have an obligation to help out wherever I can.”

Colby put his satisfaction aside and pretended to be merciful. “No matter what, Jason was still a senior employee at the research institute. Besides, he was doing it for his son. I hope you can show him some mercy, Dr. Jarvis.”

Roxanne felt slightly helpless when she answered, “I’m not even planning on doing anything harsh to him.”

Since no casualties were involved in the accident, Roxanne’s memorandum of understanding was enough to lighten Jason’s charges.

As for Jason’s son, she would also help with the treatment.

Colby smiled gratefully when he heard that. “That’s good to know.”

They chatted for a while more before he stood up and excused himself.

Suddenly, Roxanne’s phone lit up.

She lowered her gaze and saw that it was a text from Benny.

Benny had looked into the email address, but he found nothing.

The email sender managed to stay hidden. The email address the person used was an email account without a domain. Since the perpetrator wouldn’t use it again, it was impossible to find any information on it.

Therefore, even Benny couldn’t do anything about it.

Just like that, Roxanne’s heart sank once again.

Colby noticed the change in her mood, so he asked in a concerned tone, “What’s the matter?”

Roxanne didn’t plan on hiding that information from him, so she answered truthfully, “I’ve received the outcome of the investigation on the email address.”

Colby narrowed his eyes upon hearing that. “What did you find? Who told Jason to do so?”

Roxanne shook her head dejectedly. “I’ve got nothing.”

Colby discreetly breathed a sigh of relief before putting on an angry expression.

“The mastermind is so well-hidden, and he’s definitely targeting Herbscape Group! Who is capable of doing this?”

Roxanne was feeling troubled. There aren’t many people who can do so much damage to Herbscape Group and stay hidden from Benny’s investigation. Coincidentally, I know someone who’s that capable and has the reasons to do so. That person is none other than Lucian.

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