Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 910

Chapter 910 Crooked Ways

Jason was regretting what he did dearly. In fact, he regretted it the moment he did it the day before. However, Colby had already locked the research institute up, so he couldn’t salvage the situation, even if he wanted to.

That morning, he made the effort to arrive at the research institute to see if there was anything he could do to fix it.

However, he was wrong when he thought he had arrived early enough. By the time he arrived at the entrance, the firefighters were already at the scene.

Jason couldn’t help but slap himself twice across the face when he recalled the burnt storage and what Roxanne had said.

“This is my fault, Dr. Jarvis. I’m so stupid!” Utterly embarrassed, he asked, “Since I’ve come forward on my own, c-could you please let the matter slide? My son is still in the hospital…”

Roxanne dug her fingers into her palms to force herself to stay calm. “That’s not up to me, Dr. Coleman.”

“This matter is being investigated by the police. Jason, how could you be so foolish?” Colby chimed in.

Upon hearing that, Jason became flustered. “I was wrong! I’ll return the money! Dr. Jarvis, for my son’s sake, please let it slide. I promise I won’t commit the same mistake again!”

Roxanne stared at the person in front of her blankly and went silent. I have children, so I know how Jason feels. Having said that, it doesn’t mean I should forgive him.

“Tell me who told you to do it. I can write a memorandum of understanding on behalf of the research institute. As for your son, I’ll also lend a hand,” Roxanne uttered indifferently.

Jason’s gaze dimmed when he heard that. In the end, he had no choice but to give in. “That’s all I know. As you can see, the sender sent the email without a name. I don’t know who sent it to me.”

Indeed, he took the risk solely because he was tempted by the money offered.

Roxanne frowned and took a photo of the sender’s email address. After that, she sent it to Benny to see if he could do something about it.

Meanwhile, the police arrived at the scene.

Jason turned himself in before the police even said anything. “It was me.”

Soon, the police put a pair of handcuffs on Jason and walked him to the police car.

With a complicated expression, Roxanne was watching Jason from behind.

“Dr. Jarvis, could you please help my son?” Before stepping into the police car, Jason suddenly turned around to look at Roxanne.

Roxanne sighed and agreed to it.

Seeing that, Jason cooperated with the police and stepped into the police car.

The people at the research institute were all feeling melancholic as they watched the police cars drive away.

Roxanne suppressed her disappointment and turned toward the crowd. “I don’t want something similar to happen again. Since you are all working with me, please come to me if you need anything. I’ll help you guys the best I can. I don’t wish to see any of you sacrificing the research institute in return for personal benefits ever again.”

The crowd acknowledged her words and felt sympathetic toward Jason. There are so many reputable doctors in the research institute, but instead of looking for any one of them for help, Jason resorted to crooked ways.

With Jason gone, Roxanne assigned his ongoing work to the other researchers before walking back to her office tiredly.

Concerned, Colby followed her from behind. “Dr. Jarvis.”

Roxanne only noticed there was someone behind her when she wanted to close the door. “Is there anything else?” she asked in confusion. Yesterday was a tough day for me, and I had just gone through something disastrous this morning. I really don’t have much energy left in me to deal with anything else.

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