Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 900

Chapter 900 Do Not Need To Do So

Lifting her eyes, Roxanne glanced at Archie and Benny. Sensing her stare, Archie and Benny raised their eyes guiltily and flashed her a smile before averting their gazes nonchalantly.

A strange feeling welled within Roxanne. Gradually, realization dawned upon her. No wonder Lucian asked me such a question earlier. It turned out that they used my name to come and visit Essie.

That understanding had a sense of exasperation inundating her. But ultimately, she didn’t say anything.

Well, they only did so because they really wanted to come here and visit Essie. Besides, I’m pretty sure Essie’s mood only lifted because they came.

“Are you still feeling unwell anywhere now?” Roxanne regarded Estella in concern.

In response, Estella shook her head docilely and replied in a cute voice, “Archie and Benny played with me!”

At that, Roxanne knew that her conjecture was right. Relief suffused her.

“Why did you come so late, Ms. Jarvis? Have you just finished your work?” Estella inquired, concerned about her instead.

Hearing that, Roxanne abruptly recalled Lucian’s question when they were downstairs just now.

For a moment, she didn’t quite know how to answer Estella.

Fortunately, Estella didn’t really need an answer from her. She merely urged thoughtfully, “Don’t tire yourself out, Ms. Jarvis. You’ve got to take good care of yourself!”

Touched by her innocence, Roxanne nodded emotionally and her eyes moved.

“Okay, I will. Won’t you allow me to check you over?”

Following that, Estella obediently stretched her hand out.

Taking her wrist, Roxanne took her pulse.

While she couldn’t diagnose Estella’s mental condition, she could still check her physical condition. Only then, she would be at ease.

After checking the little girl over and ascertaining that everything was fine, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s late, so I’ve got to bring Archie and Benny home. We’ll come and visit you again another day, okay?”

Roxanne stroked Estella’s head before she slowly straightened up.

She couldn’t bear to part with the latter, but she was all the more averse to facing the man behind her, especially after the incident a while ago.

At that remark, Estella, who was still smiling a minute earlier, promptly withered. She gazed at Roxanne pitifully.

Behind them, Lucian’s gaze darkened frightfully.

Well, well, well… Despite seeing that Essie cried her eyes out because of her, she still has no qualms about leaving at the drop of a hat!

In a flash, the atmosphere between everyone there turned tense.

Catalina alternated her gaze between them. Then, she bit the bullet and tried to smooth things over. “I’m just going to prepare dinner. Stay and have dinner with us, Ms. Jarvis.”

After saying that, she was afraid that Roxanne would decline, so she added, “Archie and Benny must be hungry as well.”

Archie and Benny bobbed their heads cooperatively.

Seeing that, Roxanne hesitated for a few seconds. But in the end, she still hardened her heart and turned the offer down. “Thank you, but I think I’d best bring them home for dinner.”

Considering the incident earlier, if I were to stay for dinner, Lucian might misunderstand. Moreover, he hadn’t said anything despite being the master of this manor, so there isn’t any reason for me to accept the invitation.

In truth, Lucian had expected that answer from her.

Nonetheless, he still couldn’t help feeling chagrined.

“If you’re declining because of Herbscape Group, Ms. Jarvis, you really don’t need to do so.”

Roxanne was promptly stunned, and a myriad of emotions brewed within her.

He clearly knows why I turned the dinner invitation down, yet he accused me of mixing business and pleasure. Now that the kids hear him, they’ll likely feel that I’m the one at fault!

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