Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 895

Chapter 895 How Is She Doing

It wouldn’t be appropriate for Madilyn to poke her nose into Roxanne and Lucian’s relationship, so she ultimately turned around and drove off after a moment’s hesitation.

Roxanne watched until the car had gone far into the distance before she pivoted and rang the manor’s doorbell.

This is already the third time today. I wonder if I can get in this time.

In the mansion, Archie and Benny had Catalina stay in the room and play with them. As such, the latter didn’t hear the doorbell downstairs.

Conversely, it was exceedingly quiet in Lucian’s study, so he could distinctly hear the sounds from downstairs.

When the doorbell continued ringing even after a while had passed, he stepped out of the room for a look.

Catalina’s voice drifted out of Estella’s bedroom.

He didn’t bother interrupting them, going downstairs and switching on the video intercom instead.

“Cat…” Roxanne habitually greeted Catalina, but no sooner had the first syllable fallen than she made out the person on the screen. Her voice suddenly tapered off.

In the mansion, Lucian’s eyes darkened frightfully.

Sensing the change in his mood, Roxanne furtively clenched her fists and started, “I saw that Archie and Benny are here, so I came.”

A slight frown marred Lucian’s countenance. “Indeed, they’re here.”

While he was saying that, a hint of bemusement flashed across his eyes.

What trick is she up to now? She instructed Archie and Benny to come over, and now she wants to use that excuse to gain entry.

At his affirmative answer, Roxanne breathed a sigh of relief. “Sorry, they must have given you much trouble, huh? Can you please tell them I’m here to pick them up and will be waiting for them at the gates?”

Because she had been refused entry twice in the morning, she was very cautious when she spoke. In fact, she didn’t even request to be allowed into the house.

Again, Lucian’s eyes darkened. He didn’t bother saying anything but raised his hand and pressed a button on the screen.

A few seconds passed. Just when Roxanne was about to press him for a reply, the gates slowly opened.

On the heels of that, Lucian’s low and deep voice rang out unhurriedly. “I haven’t got the time, so you should talk to them yourself, Ms. Jarvis.”

When he said that, he turned the video intercom off right away.

Roxanne mulled over the meaning of the man’s remark for some time before she hesitantly walked in.

By the time she reached the mansion’s door, she saw that it was already open.

Her heart clenched for no apparent reason, and she reflexively treaded lighter.

As soon as she stepped into the house, she was greeted by the sight of Lucian sitting on the couch.

“Thank you, Mr. Farwell,” she stated in an aloof tone while lowering her eyes.

She initially thought that he wouldn’t say anything, but his voice unexpectedly rang out once more in the next heartbeat. “What for?”

Roxanne wasn’t sure whether it was merely her imagination, but Lucian’s voice was seemingly tinged with a trace of scorn.

A mixture of emotions brewed within her, and her gaze flickered. “For… allowing me entry.”

After saying that, she lifted her eyes to him and inquired hopefully, “Can I go and look in on Essie? How is she doing?”

The moment her words fell, Lucian’s expression visibly darkened.

Following that, Roxanne’s heart sank to rock bottom.

“I’m pretty sure you know why you were denied entry today, Ms. Jarvis.”

Lucian’s voice was cold and indifferent.

At that, Roxanne balled the hands hanging by her sides into loose fists.

Indeed, I know the reason. But I already know what I did wrong, and I’d like to make amends. Regretfully, he obviously doesn’t intend on giving me that opportunity.

In the meantime, Lucian continued mocking, “It looks like you’ve learned quite a few tricks while you’re with Mr. Damaris, Ms. Jarvis.”

That comment of his had Roxanne’s brows knitting together and her eyes brimming with perplexity.

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