Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 892

Chapter 892 I Am Fine

Lucian watched the kids go up the stairs as a myriad of emotions rushed through him. Just now, Archie and Benny said Roxanne told them to come. She kept calling me throughout the day, but I haven’t picked up any of her calls. I thought she would’ve given up since she knew I was angry. Who would’ve known that she would use the boys against me?

At first, she told the boys to call me. After that, she even told them to come and see Essie. Undeniably, she’s gotten smart. However, why didn’t she just come when she has already done so much? She knows that I wouldn’t refuse her if she were to come with Archie and Benny. Could it be that she’s also angry at me? But why should she be?

Catalina sensed Lucian’s anger and uttered carefully, “Mr. Farwell, I’ll send some snacks up for Ms. Estella and the boys.”

Upon hearing that, Lucian regained his senses. In order to push those thoughts aside, he rubbed his temples forcefully.

He then rose to his feet from the couch and uttered in a hoarse voice, “I’ll go.”

Catalina nodded and gave him the plate in her hands.

Lucian took the plate and went upstairs.

At that moment, Estella, Archie, and Benny were sitting in a circle in Estella’s room.

“Where’s Ms. Jarvis? Is she still busy working?” Estella asked Archie and Benny in her adorable voice.

Archie and Benny were stunned for a moment before asking warily, “Who told you Mommy is busy at work?”

“Daddy. Even Ms. Catalina said so,” Estella answered innocently.

Besides, when Lucian called Roxanne earlier in the morning, Estella also heard the latter saying the same thing.

That was why Estella thought that was really the case.

Upon hearing Estella’s response, Archie and Benny exchanged a look before coming up with a white lie. “Mommy has her hands full. That’s why she told us to visit you first.”

The boys could tell that Estella had been crying. If she knows Daddy and Mommy are still arguing, she’s going to get emotional again.

Estella nodded understandingly before saying in a cheery tone, “Daddy has forgiven Ms. Jarvis!”

Again, Archie and Benny were stupefied. With mixed feelings surging within their hearts, they only nodded a few seconds later. It seems like Daddy has told Essie a lot of lies to calm her down. Fortunately, we asked her the question first just now. Otherwise, we would’ve exposed everything.

With that in mind, Archie and Benny both breathed a sigh of relief inwardly.

“Are you still feeling unwell?” Archie asked caringly.

Estella shook her head in response. “I’m fine! I was just angry at Daddy this morning. However, Daddy has already promised to stop fighting with Ms. Jarvis.”

Archie and Benny felt relieved when they heard that. We almost told her the truth accidentally.

“When will Ms. Jarvis be done with her work?” Estella suddenly asked.

Archie and Benny were getting overwhelmed by Estella’s continuous questioning. Well, that depends on when Daddy stops being angry. How would we know when that will be?

Upon being put in a tight spot, Archie and Benny could only stare at each other helplessly.

As they were racking their brains to come up with an answer for Estella, someone knocked on the door.

Estella retracted her gaze from them and got up to open the door.

“Hi, Daddy!” Estella smiled and greeted obediently when she saw the person standing at the door.

Right then, Lucian was looking right back at her as he stood at the door while holding a plate of snacks and drinks.

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