Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 874

Chapter 874 Find Me There

Sonya did not expect him to say such words. Elias had consistently backed her even though he had not explicitly stated his stance throughout the years.

Yet now he had made his stance to support his son. “Are we going to let Aubree down after all the years she has waited?” Sonya tried to persuade him.

Elias knitted his brows, and a hint of helplessness appeared in his eyes. Both of them are my family, yet their opinions are clashing now.

After a moment of silence, Elias sighed and uttered, “You guys can do whatever you want. I’m not good at dealing with situations like these. I still have things to deal with at the company. You can have lunch yourself later.”

Since he had to deal with work, Sonya could only send him to the door reluctantly. Although she felt slightly dissatisfied, she still reminded gently, “Come back early tonight. Don’t wear yourself out.”

Elias nodded and drove away. Just as Elias’ car disappeared from sight at the entrance of the door, the butler’s voice rang beside her ear. “Mrs. Farwell, you seemed to have received a message on your phone.”

Sonya turned around in confusion after hearing this. Her heart sank when she tapped on the screen and saw the unknown number.

She knew this number even though it was an unknown one.

It’s the same person who sent me the photos yesterday, and they’re sending me more photos now.

Sonya felt inexplicably despondent. She hurried over to the couch and tapped to look at the pictures with a scowl.

Roxanne and Jack could be seen chatting happily in the photos.

The location was different from yesterday as those photos were taken in front of Roxanne’s house this time.

The two young boys were standing next to Roxanne and watching them.

Sonya had seen these two children and knew that they were Roxanne’s sons.

So, Jack must be getting along well with her sons.

From the photo, the atmosphere around them seemed quite harmonious.

Sonya’s face fell, and she could not help but think about the discussion on the internet some time ago.

For two days in a row, Roxanne had been with Jack.

Furthermore, they looked intimate.

I’d be foolish to keep wondering if the discussion online was real or not.

With this in mind, Sonya got up furiously.

“Mrs. Farwell, where are you going?” The butler followed after her in confusion when he saw her walking toward the door.

Without turning around, Sonya responded coldly, “I’m heading to the Pearson residence. Tell Lucian to find me there if he comes home.”

“Understood,” the butler said, then watched Sonya get into the car and drive off.

Sonya had wanted to ask Aubree to go with her. However, she changed her mind after realizing that Aubree had just left the house and calling Aubree back would be a hassle.

Furthermore, it could be said that she had a favor to ask of Aubree by making this trip.

Even without all these photos, I still need to clarify things with Aubree. Roxanne will do anything to rise to greater heights. What a despicable person. No matter what, I will never allow her to marry into the Farwell family! I still want to maintain my dignity, and Roxanne can continue to be shameless for all she wants.

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