Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 873

Chapter 873 Listen To You

Aubree’s phone suddenly vibrated twice when they were talking. Both of them turned to look at the phone in unison. Aubree glanced at it and knew the private detective had sent more photos again.

A grim look appeared on her face when she thought about the photos she had been receiving these days. Except for the photos from yesterday, all the other photos were basically of Roxanne and Lucian being together.

She had had enough of seeing them getting intimate with one another. A crease appeared between her brows when she tapped on the message to look at the photos.

“What’s wrong? Who texted you?” Gina wanted to say more, but when she saw that Aubree was lost in her thoughts, she craned her neck and saw the photos on the phone. “Isn’t that… the son of the Damaris family?”

Numerous thoughts raced through her mind as she spoke.

A little while later, she asked dubiously, “Are the discussion on the internet some time ago real?”

Did Roxanne really use Jack to join the Damaris family’s project? But if something is going on between the two, there’s no way Lucian…

Gina was bewildered for a long time.

Aubree flashed a mocking smile. “Even you think that those rumors are true. Perhaps these photos can serve some purpose.”

At the very least, it would influence Sonya in the way she desired.

“What do you mean? That guy from the Damaris family and her…” Gina wanted more information.

If Roxanne is actually seeing Jack, there’s no way she can marry into the Farwell family when Sonya is aware of it. It doesn’t matter even if Lucian likes Roxanne.

Aubree narrowed her eyes coldly. “Does it really matter if it’s true or false? It’s true if the key person believes it.”

With that, Aubree quickly switched her SIM card and sent the newly received photos to Sonya.

Gina froze for a few seconds when she watched Aubree’s movements. Then she smiled in relief.

I know my daughter won’t give up so easily, but I didn’t expect her to do so much behind me. I’m curious about Sonya’s reaction when she sees those photos.

Meanwhile, in the Farwell residence, Sonya felt bad for Aubree after sending her off.

She had been trying to convince her son to propose to Aubree for so many years, yet there had been no progress in their relationship.

Instead, Roxanne had been playing with her son’s feelings.

As a woman herself, Sonya felt very bad for Aubree, who had sacrificed a lot.

Elias descended the stairs and was ready to head to the company to settle some matters when he saw his wife’s troubled expression.

At the sight of him, Sonya got up and walked to him. “You’re heading to the company?”

Elias gave an indifferent nod.

After a brief moment of hesitation, Sonya asked gently, “I don’t think we can delay Lucian’s marriage with Aubree anymore. Why don’t you speak to him about it? He should listen to you.”

Elias had guessed what was bothering his wife when he came down the stairs.

Sonya had had this expression on her face for the past few days.

Elias held her hand and murmured, “Let him do what he wants.”

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