Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 870

Chapter 870 Why Are You Doing This

Meanwhile, a black Bentley across the road not far from Roxanne’s house slowly drove over.

When James caught a glimpse of the familiar figure, he snapped his head to Lucian and uttered, “That seems to be Dr. Jarvis. Is she going out?”

Lucian furrowed his brows and looked toward Roxanne’s house, only to see the woman getting inside a car.

The moment the car door was opened, the man, who was sitting inside, was revealed. At a glance, Lucian could tell that it was Jack. Why did she even call me when she was there being with another man?

A grim look spread across Lucian’s face. He had thought that Roxanne had realized her mistake. James didn’t notice the change in his mood, and he wasn’t aware of the entanglement between them.

He just vaguely saw a man sitting inside the car. Feeling puzzled, he asked, “Is the man inside the car Ms. Jarvis’ business partner? We better hurry over. It looks like they’re about to leave.”

With them, he readied himself to accelerate the car. “Forget it. Just make a U-turn and go back.” Lucian’s cold voice rang out from behind.

Only then did James notice the change in his mood. Realizing that there seemed to be an unusual relationship between that man and Roxanne, James had no idea what to say for a moment.

Estella was still sleeping in Lucian’s arms, unaware of what was happening there.

It seemed that she wasn’t feeling comfortable as she turned over while groaning. Lucian took a glance at Estella in his arms. His anger toward Roxanne intensified.

When James heard the sound made by Estella, his hand on the steering wheel stopped moving. Instead of making a U-turn, he slowed down the car and continued driving toward Roxanne’s house.

“What are you doing?” Lucian asked in displeasure.

“Don’t you forget you’ve promised me that you won’t stop Essie from seeing Ms. Jarvis,” replied James resignedly.

Lucian’s brows drew together.

If Lucian hadn’t seen that scene earlier, he naturally wouldn’t want Estella to continue feeling upset.

But Roxanne… If she doesn’t treat Essie sincerely, what’s the point of letting Essie see her? It’s nothing but self-deception.

Seeing that the car in front of him was about to drive away, James suggested in a deep voice, “They’re going to leave. Just give Ms. Jarvis a call.”

Lucian stared at the car ahead with a grim expression. The temperature around him seemed to have dropped.

After a long while, he didn’t seem to have the intention of taking out his phone.

Watching as the car drove away, James knitted his brows and stopped his car at the side of the road.

Estella couldn’t sleep soundly. She grabbed the hem of Lucian’s clothes tightly.

Noticing Estella’s signs of insecurity, James let out a sigh. “Why are you doing this?”

James had no idea what his friend thought about Roxanne. Nonetheless, he felt that what happened between adults shouldn’t implicate the child.

Estella’s condition was different from an average child.

Instead of answering James’ question, Lucian asked, “What else can we do to improve Essie’s condition if we don’t see her?”

James remained silent for a few seconds. Finally, he answered, “Take Essie home and let her stay in a familiar environment. Perhaps she will get better.”

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