Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 869

Chapter 869 Still Mad At Her

“Do you want me to keep this medicine for you?” Jack didn’t take those kids seriously. Instead, he turned around and threw the question at Roxanne.

Roxanne frowned as she pondered it for a while. “It’s better to send it to the research institute. There’s no point in keeping this with me.”

“Then I will need you to come with us,” Jack said. Hearing that, Archie and Benny tensed up. The grips on the hem of Roxanne’s dress tightened.

Just when she was about to agree to his request, she noticed the boys’ unusual reaction. She glanced at them with concern. The boys looked at their mother. “Mommy, aren’t you unwell?”

It was only after the boys contemplated for some time that they finally came up with those words.

Roxanne’s expression changed slightly. Her eyes grew gloomy as she thought of Estella. “Forget it if you’re not feeling well. I’ll just tell the staff over there,” Jack said.

Roxanne pulled herself together and shook her head with a smile on her face. “It’s better for me to go over there so that nothing will go wrong again.”

Jack arched an eyebrow imperceptibly and decided not to be polite to her anymore. The boys were anxious when they heard that Roxanne wanted to leave.

Mr. Damaris already said that she didn’t have to go there. Why does Mommy insist on going?

“The kids seem to have something to say to you.” Jack got into the car first. “I’ll wait for you in the car.” Roxanne nodded gratefully. After that, she returned to the entrance of the mansion with the kids.

“Mommy, are you going out again?” Benny tugged at the hem of Roxanne’s dress pitifully. Roxanne ruffed the boys’ hair apologetically. “I’m going to the research institute and will be right back.”

A slight crease appeared between Archie’s eyebrows. “But what if Essie and Mr. Farwell come here when you’re out?”

His words hit Roxanne right in the gut. For a moment, she was hesitant about her decision. Benny chimed in, “Essie will surely feel more upset if she doesn’t see you when she gets here.”

Moreover, Daddy will be mad as well. Compared to Estella, the kids were more worried about Lucian. After all, Estella was easy to please. As for Lucian, it was hard to tell.

Roxanne did not know what to do. However, on second thought, she felt that the chances Lucian would bring Estella over were low, as he was still mad at her.

It wasn’t easy for them to get hold of this batch of medicine, so she couldn’t afford to see something go wrong at this point.

Furthermore, she had agreed to go with Jack, and the man was waiting for her in the car.

After mulling over the matter for some time, Roxanne decided to stick to her original plan.

“I’ll be right back. Be good and wait at home. If Essie comes over, ask her to stay here and quickly give me a call. I’ll come back immediately, okay?”

Both Estella and this batch of medicine were important. It was the only way Roxanne could think of at that moment to deal with both sides at the same time.

Since Roxanne had said so, Archie and Benny had no choice but to nod obediently. “Mommy, you have to come back soon.”

Roxanne nodded with a smile. “You guys get inside now.”

Archie and Benny reluctantly entered the mansion.

It was only after the kids closed the door that Roxanne turned around and got into Jack’s car.

“Done?” Jack asked in a deep voice.

Roxanne flashed an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry for the long wait. The kids are still young, and they can’t bear to part with me. Let’s go!”

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