Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 867

Chapter 867 Mommy Loves You Forever

“Mommy, is it because of Essie?” Archie asked. The thought had suddenly occurred to him because the first thing Roxanne had asked when she arrived home earlier was whether Estella had been there.

Roxanne’s expression changed immediately when she heard her son guess correctly. Archie is so perceptive! He guessed the reason in an instant! “What’s wrong with Essie?” Benny asked in a puzzled tone.

The boys grew concerned about Estella when they saw the look on Roxanne’s face. However, they also knew that if they revealed how worried they were, Roxanne would only become sadder.

So, the boys tried their best to hide away the worry and anxiety bubbling in their chests.

Roxanne hesitated a little. In the end, she asked the question that had been bothering her, “Would you be angry with me if you wanted to see me, but I didn’t show up in time?”

The boys exchanged looks and, without hesitation, shook their heads in unison. “No!”

Roxanne looked at them doubtfully.

After a while, the boys smiled sheepishly and held out their hands. They pinched their thumbs and index fingers together, showing the tiniest gap.

“Well, maybe just a little, but we won’t really be angry with you, Mommy! We will forgive you as long as you show up in the end!”

Roxanne’s heart melted when she took in the sincere expressions on the boys’ faces. “Thank you, Darlings!”

The boys threw their arms around Roxanne and whispered comfortingly into her ear, “Essie must feel the same way. Don’t worry, Mommy!”

Roxanne nodded lightly, but still, she could not help worrying.

After all, the situation with the boys and Estella was very, very different.

She could still recall the way Estella had been when she was diagnosed with autism.

It was not easy for Estella’s condition to improve. If she regressed because of Roxanne, Roxanne would never forgive herself.

Archie and Benny exchanged glances. Then, they turned to their mother and asked in a cautious tone, “So, Mommy, are you sad because of Essie?”

Roxanne nodded wordlessly. Guilt was written all over her face. “Essie cried and cried, but I didn’t manage to get to her in time.”

The boys could not help crinkling their faces in concern as they thought about Estella’s situation.

Mommy is so worried! Essie must have cried up a storm! I wonder how Essie is doing now!

Although the boys were wrecked with worries, they still put on smiles as they comforted Roxanne, “Even in such a situation, we’ll still forgive you, Mommy! Essie will too!”

Roxanne was touched.

The boys looked at Roxanne solemnly. “It’s because we know how difficult your job is, and we know how much you love us!”

Roxanne smiled and planted a kiss on each of their foreheads. “Thank you for comforting me, Darlings. Mommy loves you forever.”

The boys smiled adorably.

Her sons’ words lightened the weight of the guilt in her heart. After some contemplation, she pulled out her phone and made a call to Lucian.

Just as the call connected, the doorbell rang.

“Oh, is that Mr. Farwell?”

The boys’ eyes lit up as they looked at Roxanne expectantly.

Roxanne, too, hoped that it would be Lucian. She got up quickly and pulled open the door.

The boys looked crestfallen as the person at the door came into view.

Roxanne’s hopes, too, were quickly dashed.

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