Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 863

Chapter 863 Agitate Her

Estella pursed her lips and fell silent for a long moment before slowly shaking her head. I still like Daddy, but…

“Daddy lied. Daddy is a bad person.” A smile finally broke out on James’ face. “You’re angry with your daddy, but your daddy is angry with Ms. Jarvis.”

Estella immediately shook her head. “Daddy cannot be angry with Ms. Jarvis.” James was astonished.

He knew Estella was exceedingly fond of Roxanne, but he did not realize it was to this extent. Lucian must be exasperated.

Seeing that Estella was going to lose her cool again, James uttered hastily, “I’ll punish him for you. He knows he’s in the wrong too.”

Estella calmed down, but she remained sullen. “I want Ms. Jarvis as my mommy. I don’t want anyone else!”

James glanced at the door. He could only agree on Lucian’s behalf. “Okay. Only Ms. Jarvis.”

Estella finally quieted down and lay on James’ shoulder, sniffling occasionally.

James glanced at Estella and gently touched her eyes. “Do you feel awful?”

Estella nodded between her sobs.

Not only did she feel awful, but her eyes also hurt.

James stood up and brought a pocket watch over. He patted Estella’s hair and comforted her, “How about you sleep for a while?”

Estella was reluctant, but she nodded obediently in response.

Soon, James had her under hypnosis, and he watched her drift off.

Lucian did not go far, so he had heard their conversation.

When he no longer heard Estella’s voice after a while, he entered the room, knowing she had fallen asleep.

James was placing Estella on the couch when he heard someone open the door.

Upon seeing Lucian enter the room, he shot him a look, and they left the room one after another.

“How is she?” Lucian inquired.

“She’s asleep. It will take a while before she wakes up. Let’s talk. This is not going to be a long-term solution.”

Lucian nodded.

James poured two cups of coffee for Lucian and himself before sitting on the couch.

“You should know that Essie views Ms. Jarvis as a very important person.”

His words had Lucian frowning slightly. “I know.”

He knew clearly that Roxanne’s position in Estella’s heart had far exceeded his.

James’ brows furrowed. “If you know that, you shouldn’t have used Ms. Jarvis to agitate her since you know her condition.”

Lucian looked away awkwardly as he tried to hide his regret.

He had been hiding from Estella the past two days in fear of agitating her.

However, he did not expect himself to say those careless words during a call.

Although he felt there was nothing out of the ordinary with his statement, it had deeply hurt Estella.

James said softly, “At her age, it is inevitable that she will overthink. Moreover, she never had a mother. She craves maternal love and a sense of security more than anything. But you have avoided women all these years, and Essie has never accepted Aubree. Why are you opposing Essie now that she has found one she likes?”

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