Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 862

Chapter 862 Do You Like Her A Lot

“Is that true?” James looked down at the girl in his arms. Estella shook her head vigorously.

Obviously, what Lucian had just mentioned were not the real reasons—or at least not the only reasons—that Estella was crying so badly.

James turned his attention back to Lucian with a helpless expression. “If you’re going to be so secretive, then I won’t be able to help you.”

Lucian was a bit bewildered to hear that. It was not that he was being secretive; those were really the only possible explanations he could think of.

However, since James had put it that way, it must mean that he was missing out on something. At that realization, Lucian started thinking hard.

Estella stayed in James’ arms with the back of her head facing Lucian. It was as if every cell in her body was resisting her father.

Suddenly, Lucian remembered that Estella seemed to have started crying after he said something during their call.

What did I say back then?

Seeing how distressed his friend looked, James couldn’t help but frown. He looked down at Estella and asked, “Essie, what did your daddy do to make you sad? Tell me, and I’ll punish him for you.”

All these years, James was the one who had been comforting Estella whenever she had her outbursts.

Estella trusted him more than anyone else.

Hearing his question, Estella grumbled, “Daddy doesn’t keep his promises! I only want Ms. Jarvis…”

She turned around and shot Lucian a glare before hiding in James’ arms again.

James looked back up and stared at Lucian meaningfully.

Ever since that woman appeared, Essie has rarely displayed symptoms of autism. As expected, her two recent episodes were all related to that woman. What did Lucian do this time?

At Estella’s words, Lucian finally recalled what he had said on the phone. He grimaced in frustration and explained, “Essie, I didn’t mean it like that.”

He had been so mad at Roxanne at that time that he had blurted out those words.

Estella remained silent.

“So, what did you say?” James questioned.

“I was in a fit of anger at that time. I said that Roxanne might not be her mother.”

The next moment, Estella began wailing again. As if agitated by something, she would even scream from time to time.

James and Lucian felt their hearts sink as they watched her.

Since he knew the reason now, James urged Lucian, “I got it. You should leave first.”

Estella was angry at Lucian. If he continued to stay here, the situation would only worsen.

Lucian had all his trust in James, so he stood up and left without a word.

It took James some effort to restrain the girl who wouldn’t stop struggling in his arms.

“Your daddy’s gone. Look, only the two of us are left in the room now.”

As James spoke, he stood up while carrying Estella and walked around the room.

To distract her, he started pointing out the little changes in his room and asking her if she noticed them.

Although Estella would respond to his questions, her tears wouldn’t stop falling.

Left with no choice, James sat down again and initiated a heart-to-heart talk with her.

“Essie, do you like Ms. Jarvis a lot?”

More tears began to escape Estella’s eyes, but she still managed a firm nod.

James took a tissue and wiped her tears. Then, he asked softly, “How about your daddy? Do you not like him anymore?”

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