Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 860

Chapter 860 Estella Was Unwell

Roxanne left Herbscape Group and drove straight to the Farwell residence. Less than twenty minutes later, her Mercedes-Benz slowly rolled to a stop in front of the manor entrance.

She rang the doorbell frantically, and it was not long before Catalina answered the intercom. “Mrs.—” Catalina began without thinking when she saw the person on the screen. However, she quickly caught herself and changed what she was saying. “Ms. Jarvis.”

Too worried about Estella crying, Roxanne had no time to pay attention to the little details. “Hurry up and let me in, Catalina. How’s Essie?”

Catalina sighed inwardly when she saw how anxious Roxanne looked. “You’re too late. Mr. Lucian has taken Ms. Estella out.” Roxanne’s expression froze when she heard that reply.

I thought Lucian only said that in a fit of anger. I can’t believe he’d actually be so cruel. Since Essie hasn’t seen me, she must still be bawling her eyes out.

The thought of that brought Roxanne to her senses, and she asked in a low voice, “Do you know where he took her?”

Catalina hesitated for a split second. However, the recollection of Lucian’s parting instruction made her shake her head. The light in Roxanne’s eyes went out, and a wave of regret washed over her. If only I’d arrived a little earlier…

“Why don’t you give Mr. Farwell a call?” Catalina could not stop herself from suggesting. Although she felt bad for Estella when Roxanne did not promise to come over immediately, she could not bear to see the look on Roxanne’s face.

Indeed, Roxanne was so anxious that she had forgotten she could do so. Thanks to Catalina’s reminder, she suddenly realized that was what she should do.

“Thank you. I’ll call him right away!” With that, she fished out her phone from her bag, pulled up Lucian’s number, and made the call. However, as soon as the call connected, it was declined just as it started ringing.

Then, the sound of a female computer-generated voice rang out. She tried calling again immediately, but the same thing happened several times.

He’s evidently angry at me. I’m afraid he probably won’t pick up my calls for now. As the realization dawned on her, guilt welled within her. All I can do is try my luck and send Lucian a message. I wonder how Estella is…

Meanwhile, Estella’s cries grew louder and pierced the air whenever the phone rang as they made their way to James’ clinic. “Ms. Jarvis!”

Nonetheless, Lucian remained unmoved and did not hesitate to decline the calls as soon as his phone rang. Despite hearing Estella’s sobs, he denied that the calls were from Roxanne in a chilly tone, “No, it’s not Ms. Jarvis. She’s still busy working.”

Estella’s wails soon grew weaker again and gradually turned into whimpers.

Lucian glanced at her through the rearview mirror and saw that although her cries were much softer, tears continued streaming down her cheeks.

The sight of that caused his gaze to darken. Spotting the message notification that popped up on his phone screen, he frowned and swiftly dismissed it. Then, he called to ask James to spare some time for him.

Upon learning that Estella was unwell, James agreed at once. After ending the call, Lucian could stop himself from tapping on the message Roxanne had sent.

Roxanne: Sorry for being late. Where are you and Essie? I’ll rush over there immediately. A scornful look flashed in his eyes after he read the message. Then he closed the message interface.

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