Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 858

Chapter 858 That Is Not What I Meant

A corner of Jack’s lips quirked up. The one billion and two hundred million I forked out last night do make a big difference. He was not surprised by Dean’s humble behavior that day.

Oblivious to what had happened between the two men last night, Roxanne kept mum and stood behind Jack. The moment they stepped into Herbscape Group, Roxanne’s phone rang.

The two men stopped walking and turned around to look at her. Roxanne responded with an apologetic smile before fishing out her phone from her pocket. Her expression stiffened when she saw the caller’s name on the screen.

“What’s wrong? Are the kids not feeling well?” Jack expressed his concern.

Roxanne froze for a bit upon hearing that. After regaining her composure, she hung up the phone and smiled. “It’s not an urgent matter. Let’s sign the papers first, shall we?”

Jack and Dean did not think much. They turned around and continued walking. However, Roxanne’s phone rang again after she took a few steps.

Her heart sank when she saw the name on the screen. This time, she apologized to Jack and Dean. “I’m sorry. I have to take this call. Please proceed without me. I’ll catch up with you shortly.”

After bobbing her head at the men, Roxanne turned around, walked to the entrance, and answered the call. Before she could speak, she heard Estella wailing from the other end of the phone.

“What’s wrong? What happened to Essie?” Roxanne was worried about the little girl.

Lucian suppressed his displeasure and answered in a deep voice, “She wants to see you. If you’re available, please do me another favor.”

He could not help but brood over how quickly Roxanne had ended the first call he made. I don’t know what she’s thinking, but I believe she’s throwing a tantrum.

At the thought of that possibility, Lucian could not help but smirk. She was at fault, yet she had the audacity to hang up on me!

After a short pause, Roxanne responded hesitantly, “But I’m a little busy right now…”

The issuance of closure would take effect in less than thirty minutes. They had to work fast because any delay would cause all the items in Herbscape Group to be discarded.

Lucian’s expression turned grim immediately. He did not take the rejection well.

Upon noticing the change in his facial expression, Catalina instinctively took a step back.

“Essie has been crying the whole morning.” Lucian was on the verge of exploding, but he still tried to contain his anger.

Estella bawled more loudly when she realized Roxanne was reluctant to visit her.

Hearing the little girl squeal over the phone broke Roxanne’s heart.

Nevertheless, she had no choice but to turn him down. “I’m sorry. I’m caught up with work right now. Can you give me an hour? I’ll rush over once I’m done here!”

Right after she spoke, Lucian responded icily, “You don’t have to if you’re busy. Essie is just throwing a tantrum. You don’t have to worry about her since you’re not related to her anyway!”

Roxanne knitted her brows upon hearing that. “That’s not what I meant. I—”

Before she could defend herself, Lucian interrupted, “Sorry for disturbing you. I’ll handle Essie myself. Have a nice day.”

The man then hung up right away.

Roxanne stared at the black screen, feeling anxious.

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