Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 853

Chapter 853 Sore Spot

“Mommy…” Benny’s voice trembled slightly as he attempted to conceal his fear. “Do I have to go for the surgery?”

Roxanne nodded fervently. “Your acute appendicitis will only worsen if you don’t, and you’ll be in even more pain. I’m worried about you.”

Benny hesitated for several seconds and gradually removed his hand from his stomach. “Mommy, I’m feeling much better. I’m perfectly fine now. Let’s not go for the surgery, please?”

Roxanne shook her head at once.

Archie and Benny eyed one another. Their eyes were full of fear and regret.

Archie tugged at the hem of Roxanne’s shirt gingerly and said obediently, “Mommy, we’re both sorry for lying to you just now. I was the one who asked Benny to pretend to be sick. Please don’t bring him for surgery.”

Benny got down from the bed and stood before Roxanne guiltily as well.

Roxanne looked down at Archie and Benny and sighed internally before ruffling their hair. “Have you learned from your mistake?”

They hurriedly nodded.

Roxanne crouched down to their eye level and asked patiently, “Can both of you tell me why you felt the need to lie?”

Archie and Benny exchanged glances again and were at a loss for words.

Roxanne waited silently and didn’t pester them for an answer.

“Because… we don’t like Mr. Damaris,” Benny admitted apprehensively, then carefully observed Roxanne’s expression.

A look of surprise flashed across Roxanne’s eyes.

She had assumed the children had pretended to be sick to prevent her from leaving. Little did she know it had nothing to do with that altogether.

This was the second time she’d heard Benny and Archie actively disliking someone.

Previously, it was Aubree, as they’d witnessed her and Frieda causing trouble for her.

However, Jack had always been kind to both her and the children.

She could not comprehend why they’d say such a thing.

“Can you tell me why you don’t like Mr. Damaris?” Roxanne asked in puzzlement.

Benny and Archie pursed their lips and did not give a reason. “No idea. We just don’t like him.”

Roxanne furrowed her brows and looked at them earnestly. “You can’t say that. No matter what the reason is, you have to give me one. Otherwise, I won’t be able to decline Mr. Damaris’ kind offers on your behalf in the future.”

Benny frowned in reluctance and lowered his head further at that.

They couldn’t possibly reveal that it was because Jack would steal Roxanne from Lucian.

Roxanne tried her luck on Archie instead at Benny’s reticence.

Archie said innocently, “The reason is that ever since you met Mr. Damaris, you’ve been spending far lesser time with us. This happened yesterday and today as well.”

His words hit Roxanne’s sore spot.

She’d indeed been busy with work after knowing Jack and had neglected her children.

Lucian had even confronted her about it the day before.

Roxanne immediately felt apologetic toward Benny and Archie and didn’t even doubt the veracity of their words.

“Mommy, can you stay and accompany us today?”

The children once again played the sympathy card.

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