Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 850

Chapter 850 A Bit Reluctant

“Mommy!” While Roxanne was still doubting herself, Archie and Benny’s sweet voices could be heard.

The boys had been waiting in the dining room for quite some time. When Roxanne did not return, they thought Lucian had arrived with Estella, so they ran outside excitedly.

However, when they saw the man on the couch, the boys instantly became wary of him. Although Archie and Benny had only met Jack once, they had a lasting impression of that man.

They were already worried that Jack would steal their mother away from their father. Furthermore, they knew their parents had a fight yesterday because of Jack.

Since Jack had dropped by early in the morning to look for Roxanne, Archie and Benny couldn’t help having their guard up.

“Hello.” Jack smiled at the boys and stood up. “I didn’t prepare a gift for you when we met the last time. Hence, to be on the safe side, I stored a gift in my car so that I can hand it to you when I see you. Hang on, I’ll get it.”

Then, Jack left the mansion to get the gift.

Once he was out, Archie and Benny huddled up to their mother and asked, “Mommy, why did Mr. Damaris drop by today?”

Roxanne pushed her frustrations away and tried her best to force a smile at her children. “Nothing, it’s just because of work. Don’t worry.”

Work again.

Archie and Benny glanced at each other. Yesterday, Jack had also summoned Roxanne away using work as an excuse. As a result, Lucian and Roxanne argued over this matter.

“Well, are you going to work today, Mommy?” The boys displayed pitiful expressions on purpose and murmured, “You promised you’d take us out today!”

Ever since her return, Roxanne would take her children outside almost every weekend to relax.

Yesterday, she had been summoned by Jack to give a tour of the research institute. As such, she had to reschedule her plans with her children for this day.

A major incident had erupted at Herbscape Group the day before, and Roxanne was worried about it. Still, she did not want to disappoint her children and decided to go out with them as planned.

However, she did not expect Jack to visit her early in the morning.

At that point, she was not sure of the day’s plans.

Archie and Benny lowered their heads woefully when they did not receive a response from their mother.

Seeing their looks of disappointment, Roxanne caressed their heads apologetically. “I’m sorry. If there isn’t anything important, Mommy will try not to leave the house. Even if I do, I’ll be back soon. All right?”

The boys were still a bit reluctant about it.

They refused to let their mother spend another minute with Jack, let alone have her go out with him.

Roxanne was oblivious to her sons’ thoughts. She merely assumed they were upset because she could not spend time with them, so she tried her best to console them.

While she was comforting her children, Jack entered the mansion with a gift in his hands.

“I learned from your mother that you like Lego, so I bought this for you. I hope you like it,” he announced.

Although Archie and Benny disliked Jack, they had good manners.

They turned around upon hearing Jack’s voice and accepted the gift. Instead of telling him whether they liked it, they just replied courteously, “Thank you, Mr. Damaris.”

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