Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 848

Chapter 848 Not That Easy

Due to the sudden scandal about Herbscape Group, Jack had spent the whole night thinking. In the end, he decided that since he had sacrificed so much, he had to drag Lucian down with him.

Early the next morning, Jack drove to Roxanne’s house. Roxanne was eating breakfast with Archie and Benny when the doorbell rang. She couldn’t help but wonder who it was.

When she saw the person standing at the door, she was surprised. “Mr. Damaris, what brings you here so early in the morning? Did anything happen to Herbscape Group again?”

As she spoke, she looked at Jack in confusion and stepped aside to let him in.

Jack nodded firmly, looking solemn. “I spent a lot of money yesterday and helped stabilize their stock prices, but this morning, Herbscape Group was ordered to stop its operation. All of its projects and activities will have to be postponed from now on.”

This meant that if they carried on with their project, Herbscape Group would likely be unable to supply them with medicines on time.

As a result, the money Jack spent would also go to waste.

When Roxanne realized that, she said worriedly, “Then our project…”

“It will also have to be postponed.” Jack rubbed his temples and casually mentioned, “I wonder who Herbscape Group offended.”

Upon hearing that, Roxanne thought of her speculation the day before. Guilt filled her as she took in Jack’s distressed appearance.

In an attempt to change the topic, she cleared her throat and said, “Does this mean Damaris Group’s efforts all this time will be in vain? It must be a huge loss.”

Jack’s frown deepened as he remarked, “The money I spent yesterday alone was a huge figure. I originally planned to temporarily stabilize Herbscape Group’s situation with that money, but I didn’t expect the officials to act so quickly.”

“If there’s nothing serious, Herbscape Group will probably be able to resume its operations after the investigation today, right? It’s just that it will need some time to repair its reputation,” Roxanne commented, looking uneasy.

The next second, she heard Jack chuckle helplessly. “It’s not that easy.”

Roxanne knitted her brows in puzzlement and looked at him.

Jack shrugged. “Seeing how the person behind this can ruin Herbscape Group’s reputation in one day and how the officials treat this matter so seriously, I believe that person must have a powerful background. If that person doesn’t want to go easy on Herbscape Group, then nothing good will come out of the investigation today.”

In short, Herbscape Group had no control over its fate. It was at the mercy of that person behind the scene.

Even if Herbscape Group were really innocent, it would be found guilty if that person said so.

Roxanne had considered the possibility of Lucian being the person behind the scene, but she had never thought so deeply about the matter.

With Jack’s reminder, Roxanne started to doubt the news and the evidence in the reports she had seen the day before.

Did Herbscape Group really do those things, or is that what Lucian wants to make them out to be? What is Lucian trying to achieve by doing this?

Roxanne and Jack talked while walking into the living room, then sat down on the couch.

Roxanne’s mind was filled her speculations about Lucian that she was in a daze for some time. When she finally came back to her senses, she stood up apologetically and hurriedly prepared a cup of coffee for Jack.

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