Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 846

Chapter 846 I Wanted To Tell You Something

Lucian woke up later than usual the next morning, having spent the night before following online discussions of Herbscape Group’s scandals.

When he opened his room door, he was instantly greeted by the sight of a furious little girl. He knew Estella was angry at him because he did not check in on her after getting home last night.

Lucian frowned, but he hid his frustration well. She was his child, after all, and he was not about to ignore her. He pretended not to notice her fury as he asked, “Essie, why are you looking for me so early in the morning?”

Estella looked up at her father and said grumpily, “Daddy’s a meanie! Daddy doesn’t care about me at all!”

Lucian’s brows arched in surprise. He did not expect his daughter to arrive at such a conclusion.

“Why would you say that?” he asked calmly despite knowing the reason behind her petulance.

Estella puffed up her cheeks in anger, but it soon deflated into sadness as she whined, “Ms. Catalina said you came home last night.”

She had already been upset at herself for falling asleep before her father returned home.

She had thought Lucian would visit her once he arrived home, but no one woke her up.

In fact, when she got up that morning, she had thought her father had been out the whole night and felt sorry for him.

Estella then headed downstairs, where to her dismay, Catalina revealed that Lucian had come home the night before.

Her sympathy instantly morphed into anger, and she stalked back upstairs, waiting outside Lucian’s bedroom to interrogate him.

Lucian knew Estella would burst into angry tears if he continued playing dumb.

He knitted his brows resignedly and bent down to stroke his daughter’s hair. “I was too tired last night, so I went straight to my room to rest instead of checking on you.”

Estella scrutinized his face for a long time.

Convinced that he was not lying, Estella gradually let go of her anger.

She tugged on his shirt and wailed, “But Daddy, I wanted to tell you something last night.”

Lucian sighed to himself. It was impossible to evade the topic that Estella pointedly wished to discuss.

He would have entertained her advice before knowing about Jonathan’s actions.

Now, however, he was doing something that could make Roxanne’s life difficult, and he was worried he would regret his actions after hearing Estella sing her mother’s praises.

Lucian removed Estella’s hand from his shirt and ruffled her hair, coaxing, “I have to rush to the office. Can we talk about this after I get back from work?”

Before she could react, Lucian straightened himself and walked around his daughter.

Estella realized belatedly that Lucian had escaped her sight. She hastily chased after him and whined, “But I won’t take up a lot of time. Wait for me, Daddy…”

Lucian frowned but resolutely ignored her pleas.

Meanwhile, Catalina watched them coming downstairs and was perturbed at how unmoved Lucian seemed despite Estella’s anxious expression.

She guessed the reason behind the young girl’s distress and said carefully, “Mr. Farwell, Ms. Estella was asking about—”

Her words abruptly cut off when she noticed Estella almost tumbling down the stairs in her haste to reach her father.

“Ms. Estella!” Catalina shrieked while racing toward the girl.

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