Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 845

Chapter 845 All For A Woman

Jack’s expression darkened further after he briefed his assistant on how they would help Herbscape Group.

He had easily snapped up the collaboration with Herbscape Group thanks to Lucian, yet now he was paying a hefty price to keep the collaboration and his company’s project alive.

Lucian would laugh his head off if he knew about this.

Something niggled at Jack’s mind. Why would Lucian pull a stunt like this now? He didn’t have to wait this long to punish Herbscape Group for pulling out of their deal. Farwell Group is powerful enough to leak such a scandal way before Herbscape Group signed their deal with us.

Jack failed to think of another reason for what seemed like a belated revenge.

His phone lit up with another call as he frowned over the issue.

Jack glanced at the screen and was surprised when he saw the caller ID. He answered the call immediately. “Ms. Jarvis, why are you calling me at such a late hour?”

Roxanne appeared conflicted as she asked, “Have you seen the news about Herbscape Group, Mr. Damaris?”

Jack replied in the affirmative, “Mr. Lacroix called me about it earlier. I’ve agreed to help them.”

His response stunned Roxanne.

If she were in Jack’s shoes, she would have cut ties with Herbscape Group immediately so that their scandals would not affect the company’s future projects.

Plus, if Herbscape Group had a history of unlawful practices, it would be difficult to guarantee that they would not do the same while supplying medicinal herbs in the project.

Any error during the project, intentional or not, could potentially cause massive losses to everyone involved.

Jack seemed to have sense her concerns. He reassured her, “We don’t even know if the news on the internet is real or fake. Since we’ve decided to work with Herbscape Group, we have to believe them. Even if the scandals are true, I’m sure they won’t dare to betray us when they remember how I’ve helped them today.”

Nonetheless, Roxanne remained hesitant.

Herbscape Group’s past actions did not sit well with her medical ethics.

She considered the topic from another angle. Jack was not only the heir to a family with a prestigious background in medicine but also a businessman. It was understandable that he prioritized profits in any of his dealings.

By extension, Roxanne would have to respect Jack’s wishes as a willing participant in his project.

As that thought crossed her mind, Roxanne suppressed her discomfort and replied, “That would be the best. That’s all I wanted to call you about. I have nothing else to add since you already know the situation. Let me know if I can help you with anything, Mr. Damaris.”

Jack expressed his gratitude at her offer. “Well, thank you in advance, then, Ms. Jarvis.”

They promptly ended their call.

Jack’s phone screen turned black once more, reflecting the grimness in his gaze.

Roxanne’s phone call reminded him that she was potentially involved in Farwell Group and Herbscape Group’s conflict.

Not long ago, Roxanne had agreed to be Herbscape Group’s technical advisor, and the scandals broke out shortly after that.

It seemed far more likely that Lucian’s actions had been triggered by Roxanne than an act of delayed revenge on Herbscape Group.

All for a woman. I can’t believe this could happen to someone like Lucian Farwell.

Jack scoffed at the irony of the situation.

If his hypothesis was true, he would gladly take Roxanne up on her offer to help.

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