Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 844

Chapter 844 Give Me Some Time

After ending his call with Dean, Jack googled Herbscape Group and was swamped with news headlines about the company. Jack read every article carefully, realizing that every post was published that day.

The person behind the exposé clearly did not wish to give Herbscape Group any room to breathe. Jack raised his brows in surprise as he read the news online.

He had to admit that the person who uncovered Herbscape Group’s scandalous past was a brilliant mastermind. Only a skilled hacker could dig out the company’s well-hidden scandals.

The discovery significantly narrowed his circle of suspects. There were few people in Horington who were this talented and had a history with Herbscape Group.

Jack could only think of one person—Lucian. Still, Damaris Group and Herbscape Group had formalized their collaboration a long time ago. It seemed a little late to be exacting revenge now. What is he playing at?

Jack narrowed his eyes in thought. Just then, Dean called him again. He was evidently anxious over Jack’s decision. Jack snapped out of his thoughts and nonchalantly picked up the call.

Once the line connected, Dean asked hastily, “Mr. Damaris! What do you think? Herbscape Group can’t afford to wait any longer!”

Dean had mulled over his options and decided to crawl back to Farwell Group for mercy if Jack refused to lend a helping hand. He would throw all his pride out the window and beg Farwell Group if necessary.

Jack sounded calmer than ever as he replied, “Don’t worry about it. Damaris Group has chosen to collaborate with Herbscape Group, and we won’t leave you to fend for yourselves in times of trouble.”

Despite his reassurance, Dean’s concern was palpable as he asked, “Really?”

“How can I help?” asked Jack in return.

After humming and hawing for a while, Dean replied, “Well, I hope Damaris Group can lend us some funds to stabilize Herbscape Group’s share price as soon as possible.”

If their share price continued its free fall, Herbscape Group would have to declare bankruptcy the next day, even without the State Taxation Administration’s and International Trade Administration’s investigation.

Jack frowned and asked, “How much are you asking?”

Dean cautiously reported a number, “One point two billion…”

Then, he waited for Jack’s response with his heart in his throat.

That was a massive sum even for Damaris Group, especially because it was going to a company they had just collaborated with.

Dean would not be surprised at all if Jack refused his request.

There would only be two possible outcomes then—bankruptcy, or a plea to Farwell Group to acquire them at a dirt-cheap offer.

Neither was an option he preferred.

Jack’s expression darkened slightly when he heard Dean’s request.

He mulled over the sum. One point two billion was a fortune, but Damaris Group could still afford it.

However, that did not mean it was worth it for a company like Herbscape Group.

Under normal circumstances, Jack would have terminated the contract with Herbscape Group without further thought. They could pay up the penalty, which would cost far less than what Dean was asking for right now.

However, considering that Lucian could be behind Herbscape Group’s scandal, Jack was more inclined to go against his usual instinct.

If Lucian wants to throw a wrench in our plans, why should I let him win so easily?

With that thought in mind, Jack agreed to Dean’s request. “All right. Give me some time.”

He hung up on Dean again.

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