Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 841

Chapter 841 I Wonder What She Will Think

Over at the Queen residence, Jonathan had spent almost the entire day carefully crafting a plan to spark public criticism. He had even exposed Herbscape Group’s past misdeeds.

Once Herbscape Group’s reputation is ruined, I doubt the Damaris family will still dare to take the risk and collaborate with them. After the Damaris family cuts ties with Herbscape Group, the latter can only come crawling back to Farwell Group, and it’ll be much easier for us to acquire Herbscape Group.

With that goal in mind, Jonathan had been monitoring the online sentiment practically the whole day.

He kept a close eye on it until late into the night and could not help feeling somewhat disappointed when he saw that the public outcry still had yet to turn out as he expected.

I wanted all of Horington to be aware of these things Herbscape Group has done. That way, Damaris Group would have no choice but to call off their plans to collaborate with Herbscape Group to avoid getting caught up in a messy situation.

After going through the comments online, Jonathan made a call with a frown.

On the other end of the line, a male voice asked respectfully, “Do you have any other instructions, Mr. Queen?”

“Is that all you managed to dig up on Herbscape Group?” Jonathan demanded coldly.

The man quickly answered in the negative. “We still have plenty of dirt on them. It’s just that when considering how to deliver a blow that can cause the most damage to Herbscape Group, I thought of releasing the information little by little. You see—”

Jonathan fell silent for a moment before cutting in and asking, “What other information do you have on them? Send them over for me to take a look.”

The person on the other end of the line immediately agreed to do so.

Shortly after, he sent a slew of evidence on Herbscape Group selling counterfeit drugs and smuggling drugs to Jonathan’s phone.

Jonathan narrowed his eyes coldly, then instructed in an icy voice, “Release all of it. Don’t give Herbscape Group any breathing room.”

What happened today must’ve given Herbscape Group a good jolt. If we hold onto the information, they’ll probably have thought of a way to weasel out this scot-free by the time the morning rolls around. By then, even if we release the information, it’ll only backfire and turn into a weapon for Herbscape Group to get back at us.

After Jonathan’s reminder, the person on the other end of the line realized the risk and quickly promised to follow Jonathan’s instructions.

Not long after the call ended, a barrage of damaging information on Herbscape Group broke out on the internet, and the online discussions grew even more heated.

The stream of shocking revelations stirred a severe distrust toward Herbscape Group among some netizens, who demanded the company compensate them for psychological damages.

On the other hand, others still wanted to give Herbscape Group a chance and urged the company to issue a statement.

Jonathan was amused as he read the comments imploring Herbscape Group to give an explanation.

Herbscape Group is probably at their wit’s end by now, trying to think of a way to turn the tables. How will they have the time to read these online comments? Even if they do, they won’t be able to present any solid evidence to refute all this. They’d only be asking for a castigation if they stepped out to say something.

While he was gloating over the fruits of his labor, his phone suddenly rang, and his phone screen lit up to show that Lucian was calling him.

For him to call me at such an hour probably means he has seen the chaos I created. However, I’ve no idea what he’ll think about what I did.

As those thoughts ran through his mind, Jonathan tamped down his self-satisfaction and answered the call. “What’s up, Lucian?”

Over on the other end of the line, Lucian continued reading the comments online while on the phone. When he saw that another wave of scandalous details had broken out on the internet, a mocking look glinted in his eyes.

Roxanne has always been proud of being a doctor and takes medical ethics very seriously. I wonder what she’ll think if she finds out the company she’s working with has done so many unlawful things behind her back.

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