Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1430

Jonathan’s jaw dropped open in disbelief. If they aren’t his, why does he look so calm in comparison to me, who is freaking out? “What are you thinking?” He shot Lucian an incredulous look. “If you want to help Roxanne by stopping the haters online, then you can just publicize your relationship with her and issue. warning letters through your lawyer. Why would you do this?”

If it was revealed that the CEO of Farwell Group had claimed to be the biological father of his ex-wife’s children even though they were not his, no one would believe it. It sounded pretty. ridiculous, but that was exactly what Lucian did.

“If I only did that, the netizens will still assume the worst about the boys’ father.” Displeasure flashed across Lucian’s eyes as he explained, “The kids are innocent. If she’s willing to marry me, it will only be a matter of time before the boys become mine, too.”

Lucian knew very well that the last thing. Roxanne wanted was to drag the kids into her mess, so he was more than willing to solve the trouble for her. He meant what he said.

The only way to stop the public from making malicious assumptions about Roxanne was to clarify the boys’ background. Hearing that, Jonathan finally concluded that his friend was indeed a lovesick fool. It looks like we’ve underestimated him. Lucian doesn’t fall in love easily, but when he falls in love with someone, he’ll do anything for her! Wait…

Jonathan soon realized something. “Who is the father of the boys? He has never revealed himself. If he were to come across this statement…”

Lucian had made himself pretty clear through that statement. If the boys’ father discovers it, he might use the secret to threaten Farwell Group. What should we do if that happens?

A vicious look appeared in Lucian’s eyes when the man was mentioned. He knew Jonathan’s unease, for he had the same concern before releasing that statement.

However, that concern paled in significance compared to Roxanne being the recipient of malicious comments. If the boys’ biological father dared to show himself, Lucian would take the chance to make him regret abandoning Roxanne and the boys.

A sense of murderous intent hung in the air around Lucian as he contemplated the matter. Jonathan shuddered in fear as he stared at Lucian.

In an icy voice, Lucian declared, “No matter who he is, I won’t let him harm my family. I’ll make him regret abandoning them!” Jonathan grew worried. “What if Roxanne regrets it?”

He didn’t make it clear what she would regret, yet they both were aware of what it was. Roxanne had two boys with that man, so they could still have feelings for each other. If Roxanne regretted her decision and chose to return to that man…

A chill ran down Jonathan’s spine when he considered that possibility. The temperature surrounding Lucian dropped to a freezing point, but he refused to dwell on that matter. “Perhaps he’s already dead.”

Otherwise, why hasn’t he made an appearance all this while? Furthermore, Roxanne appears to be hesitant when it comes to discussing him.

Compared to the possibility that Roxanne would return to that man, Lucian would rather believe that he was dead. Jonathan was taken aback by the sight of the dark look on his friend’s face, but he didn’t say anything.

This matter was complicated, so he knew Lucian must’ve considered everything carefully before coming to a final decision. Anything else he said would only serve to add more to Lucian’s plate.

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