Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1428

Soon, some recalled Roxanne’s previous scandal after reading the statement. One comment read: So what happened between Mr. Farwell and Aubree Pearson? Another read: Isn’t that obvious? Aubree is the homewrecker. She was the one who faked the rumors so Roxanne would give up on Mr. Farwell!

One netizen replied: But what about Roxanne and Jack? They had been involved in two scandals. Besides, they seem to be on good terms. Another comment read: Isn’t that obvious? They are both capable doctors. Besides, the recent medical consultations were all initiated by the Damaris family. It’s normal for them to be on good terms!

Many online users expressed their disapproval of Aubree, while the rest offered their support and blessing to Roxanne and Lucian. Now that Roxanne and Jack’s relationship was clarified, everyone thought Roxanne and Lucian were the perfect couple.

One comment read: I heard that Roxanne had participated in various medical consultations recently. A while ago, someone ran into her at the nursing home in Jadeborough. Mr. Farwell was with her, too!

Another read: Really? Oh, Roxanne is such a kind and pretty angel. No wonder Mr. Farwell adores her! One netizen commented: Oh, I believe in love again! They must live happily ever after!

The netizens’ opinions were divided. Roxanne and Lucian became the epitome of a perfect relationship for many, while Aubree, who used to be admired for her loving bond with Lucian, faced harsh criticism after her true colors were revealed.

It was only after reading the announcement that Jack realized he and Roxanne were secretly photographed yesterday. After reading the comments praising Roxanne and Lucian’s relationship, he threw his phone to the ground in a fit of rage.

I can’t believe I didn’t discover the perfect opportunity and ended up letting Lucian beat me to it. If I knew what happened last night, I would have used it to my advantage and manipulated. public opinion to sow discord between Lucian and Roxanne! At the same time, I’ll also be able to win Roxanne’s heart!

Alas, it was too late now. Lucian had released the news to the public, and there was no way to turn back the clock. Jealousy filled Jack’s heart as he read the one- sided comments online, and a crazy idea soon popped up in his mind.

Even if Roxanne ended up choosing Lucian, I can figure out a way to make her stay by my side! They’d better not drive me up the wall! Meanwhile, the boys discovered Roxanne and Jack’s scandal online once it went viral. They also saw how the netizens criticized her.

Enraged, they stayed up all night, determined to stand up for Roxanne against the online haters. At dawn, they were struggling to keep their eyes open yet still furious at the baseless speculations that had been made by those netizens about Roxanne. Benny balled his hands into fists and asked, “Should I hack into the website and delete this post?”

I can then ban Mommy’s name online so they won’t be able to discuss her anymore. That way, Mommy won’t be able to see the degrading comments. No one can criticize her online anymore! Archie’s expression was grim. “If you do that, people will only think Mommy is hiding out of guilt.”

Hearing that, Benny harrumphed angrily and furrowed his brows to figure out another solution. They were feeling helpless when they suddenly saw the notice released by Farwell Group.

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