Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1427

Cayden was fast asleep in his bed when at phone call roused him. He glanced at his phone and noticed that it was a call from Lucian. He immediately sprung up from bed and took a few seconds to regain his senses before taking the call. “Mr. Farwell.”

Lucian’s cold voice rang out. “Contact the Public Relations Department and order them to publicize my relationship with Roxanne. I want everyone to know about us!”

Shocked by Lucian’s order, Cayden was wide awake. What happened? Why does Mr. Farwell suddenly want to publicize his relationship with Mrs. Farwell? And in the middle of the night, no less?

In a shaky voice, Cayden uttered, “Mr. Farwell, Mrs. Farwell’s two children’s identities are unverified. I’m afraid that public opinion is not going to go easy on Mrs. Farwell and the Farwell family if you publicize the relationship.”

Lucian’s face turned grim on the other end of the phone when he thought about Roxanne’s two children. He knew he had Archie and Benny to thank for the current stage of his and Roxanne’s relationship.

If their biological father didn’t turn up, he wouldn’t mind treating the two boys as his own. Besides, they were about the same age as Estella. With that thought in mind, Lucian told Cayden, “Validate their identities, then.” Dumbstruck, he asked, “Are you saying…”

“From today onward, they’re the Farwell boys whom Roxanne took away when we got divorced back then,” Lucian stated plainly. His tone was flat and impassive as if he was talking about something inconsequential.

However, Cayden was flabbergasted. He was aware of Lucian’s feelings for Roxanne, but he never thought that Lucian would go so far as to acknowledge her children and even claim them as his own. What in the world happened?

Before Cayden could respond, Lucian’s voice sounded again, “I want everyone to be informed about this by tomorrow morning!” He hung up right after.

Cayden was caught in a dilemma as he watched his phone screen go dark. Do I really have to wake everyone in the Public Relations Department right now? In the middle of the night?

Then again, it didn’t seem like he had any other choice. Cayden called the person in charge of the Public Relations Department first before. checking his social media. He wanted to search for the rumors spreading online about Lucian and Roxanne.

To his surprise, Roxanne’s name popped up right after he opened his social media. After checking the trending posts, he finally understood why Lucian had ordered him to do such a thing.

That was the second time Roxanne was entangled in such a widespread scandal with Jack ever since her return. Moreover, the public opinion on the internet was very much against Roxanne.

Cayden finally understood that Lucian was mainly trying to protect Roxanne. Then again, he reckoned that Lucian might have the intention to do so a long time ago..

Upon realizing Lucian’s aim, Cayden started to act more proactively. The next morning, the public opinion on the internet did a one-eighty.

Farwell Group issued a statement in the middle of the night, stating clearly that Roxanne was the mother of the Farwell family’s daughter, Besides, her two children were also born alongside Estella. However, out of consideration of the little girl’s health issues, Roxanne decided to let the girl stay with the Farwell family and take care of the two boys alone.

The internet was abuzz with heated discussions following the statement. One netizen commented: The two boys are Lucian Farwell’s! No wonder Roxanne brought them back to the country!

Another commented: As expected, she’s the legitimate wife. For Lucian Farewell to issue an official statement on behalf of the Farewell Group, looks like they’re announcing their relationship to the public for real this time!

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