Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1424

It was already past nine at night when Roxanne reached home. As she got out of the car, she felt anxious and guilty for leaving the children alone at home.

Hence, she hurried into the mansion, but as soon as she entered, she was greeted with the lively sounds of the children playing with each other and running around. Roxanne stopped in her tracks and looked inside the living room, surprised.

Initially, she thought Madilyn had come over, but Lucian was sitting on the couch instead. As if sensing her presence, the man turned around to look. When their gazes met, Roxanne’s shock intensified. “What are you doing here?”

Didn’t we agree on meeting some other day? Upon noticing her return, the children stopped. playing and gathered around her, yearning for affection. “Mommy, you came home so late! Daddy’s been waiting for a long time!”

Roxanne ruffled the children’s hair, but her gazet was still locked on Lucian. Lucian sat on the couch, crossing his legs. The button on his collar was undone, and he seemed relaxed and comfortable.

Roxanne felt a strange but wonderful sensation surge within her heart when she thought of how he played with the children while looking like that.

Lucian got up from the couch and made his way toward her. His gaze swept past her neck. His expression darkened when he noticed her bare neck. “Didn’t you say your appointment was at noon?”

In the face of Lucian’s gaze, Roxanne felt inexplicably culpable although she hadn’t done anything wrong. “Mr. Damaris had something important this afternoon, so we had to change the time at the last minute.”

Dissatisfaction flashed across Lucian’s face when he heard that. “Is that how the Damaris family does their business? How can they change the appointment time just because they want to? If they’re this casual when it comes to work, who would collaborate with them in the future?”

Roxanne did not know how to respond. She could only grin and change the topic nonchalantly. “Did you guys have dinner?” Benny piped up, “We did! But I think Mr. Farwell hasn’t eaten yet.”

Linda had prepared dinner for the children before she left. Lucian arrived while the children were eating, seemingly planning to freeload dinner. Upon hearing that, Roxanne turned to look at Lucian for confirmation. Lucian scrunched his eyebrows in tacit vindication.

Roxanne frowned and said with a sigh, “Why didn’t you call me earlier?” She patted the children’s heads as a gesture for them to make way. Subsequently, she washed her hands before preparing food in the kitchen.

Verily, Lucian had lost his appetite after finding out that she and Jack had been out eating dinner until late at night. He initially wanted to reject her offer of making dinner for him, but when he saw her getting busy in the kitchen for his sake, he swallowed his words.

Roxanne made some simple pasta. Earlier, she had been engrossed in her conversation with Jack regarding medicine and did not eat much. Since I’m preparing food for Lucian, I might as well make some for myself.

The children approached and demanded to have some when they smelled the pasta’s delicious aroma. Roxanne could only scoop some pasta for each of them, too.

The sight of the family of five sitting around the dining table enjoying pasta at almost ten at night made for a heartwarming scene. Only then did Roxanne remember to ask Lucian, “Why did you suddenly come over? Is there something wrong?”

Lucian glanced at her and replied, “I’m here to see Essie.”Roxanne nodded in understanding. In the next second, Lucian spoke again. “Plus, I said I’ll take responsibility. Since you haven’t given me an answer, I can only take more extreme measures and court you a little more persistently.”

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