Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1423

The reason Roxanne did not wear the necklace was that it was indeed inconvenient. When she arrived at the research institute, she took off the necklace and kept it in the pocket of her jacket.

After bustling around for the entire morning, Jack suddenly called during lunchtime, telling her something cropped up. He asked if they could meet at night instead.

Roxanne did not think too much about it and agreed. When evening came, Roxanne exited the research institute to find Jack waiting for her by the entrance. “I’m so sorry. Something happened at the company this afternoon, and I couldn’t leave,” Jack apologized as soon as he saw her.

Unbothered, Roxanne smiled. “That’s okay. Work is more important. Are we still going to the restaurant we reserved yesterday? You go ahead. I’ll follow behind.”

With that, she turned and made her way toward her car. The look in Jack’s eyes turned gloomy as he watched her approach her car without hesitation. He said nothing and got into his own car.

Both cars drove off from the research institute. The restaurant was nearby the research institute, and the two of them arrived within ten minutes.

Jack had already reserved them a table near the window. Roxanne took off her jacket, and in the process, the necklace fell out of the pocket and landed right beside Jack’s feet.

Jack picked it up and glanced at it before shifting his gaze to the person before him. His words seemed to insinuate a deeper meaning. as he commented, “This necklace doesn’t seem. like your style.”

Roxanne was taken aback. Indeed, if she were to buy a necklace for herself, she would not have purchased such a lavish design. However, she didn’t see a need to explain to Jack where the necklace came from.

As such, she merely grinned and did not reply. However, judging from her expression, Jack could already tell who gave her the necklace. His lips, curled into a wry smile before he handed the necklace to her.

“This necklace attracts too much attention. As people in the medical field, we like to keep a low profile. No wonder you would leave it in your pocket instead of wearing it.” Sensing that he was implying something, she stared at the person before her, puzzled.

Jack did not comment more on it as he changed the topic to the new drug they were about to develop. “Most of the medicinal herbs we’re using to develop the new drug are planted by the Damaris family. My grandpa also hopes. we’ll use the Damaris family’s raw materials as the main ingredient as well.”

Roxanne’s focus was immediately diverted when they began talking business. She nodded in agreement and said, “That way, we can ensure better quality, too.”

She was a little worried after finishing her sentence. “But if our research institute will be in charge of the drug’s research and development, the supply of raw materials…”

I’m afraid the Damaris family would demand a hefty price for the raw materials. Jack replied matter-of-factly, “The institute will only be responsible for the research and development. As for the medicinal herbs, we’ll provide sufficient supplies.”

Roxanne breathed a sigh of relief when she heard that. After that, their discussion about the new drug became smoother. Roxanne had to admit that as the leading family within the traditional medicine field, the Damaris family’s research in this area was indeed much more advanced as compared to the market.

Many of their ideas and concepts coincided with Roxanne’s. The topic of the conversation between Roxanne and Jack gradually extended from the new drug’s research and development to the entire traditional medicine market.

Before they knew it, it was already late. The two of them finally stopped chatting when Roxanne’s phone rang. Benny was the one who called, asking when Roxanne would be returning home.

Roxanne quickly apologized to the boy and explained her situation. She then bid Jack goodbye before she got up and left. Jack fumed in silence as he watched Roxanne’s retreating figure.

Even though she didn’t say anything, I could already guess that Lucian was the one who gave her that necklace! I can’t believe she’s taking it everywhere she goes. Just what in the world is she thinking?

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