Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1420

Frieda could not help but shudder again. She was not like Aubree. Aubree had a say over the Pearson family’s matters. To her, several tens of millions were nothing. But in Frieda’s situation, she had zero authority in the Queen family. The money she spent was allowance given to her by the elders.

Given how extravagant she was with her money, she had only a few million in her hand. If I gave Aubree five million in one go, I wouldn’t have much left for myself, would I?

“I don’t have that much money, Aubree. You should know about my situation.” Frieda tried to bargain her way out cautiously. An ugly scowl showed up on Aubree’s face. “Then how much do you have?” Frieda mulled over it for a moment. “Two million. Can’t go any higher…”

I won’t have enough to spend if I give her more than two million. Now that I’ve just rejoined Queen Group, I can’t possibly lay my hands on the company’s money yet. Besides, Jonathan will surely get suspicious if I use the money now.

On the other end of the line, Aubree’s breathing turned rough. “Give me two million today first. Make up for the rest of the five million after that!”

Relief washed over Frieda when she heard those words. Through the phone, her tone remained sincere. “I will. Don’t worry, Aubree.. As long as I’m in the Queen family, I won’t let you live a tough life!”

Satisfied with the response, Aubree snorted coldly and hung up after letting Frieda know the address. The darkened phone screen reflected Frieda’s vicious expression. What a bloodsucker!

Of course, Frieda dared not waste any time as she was also worried that Aubree might do something drastic if she was desperate. That afternoon, she grabbed her bank card and hurried to the suburban mansion.

As soon as she entered, she was utterly shocked by the environment in the house. If Aubree wasn’t sitting on the couch, Frieda would have wondered if the place was even fit for humans to stay in. No wonder Aubree sounded so mad over the phone..

“Have you eaten, Aubree? We can head out and eat something if you haven’t.” Frieda recomposed herself and walked up to Aubree with a smile. Instead of sitting down, she stood by the side and fixed her eyes on the latter.

Only then did Aubree notice Frieda’s existence. Lifting her gaze, she coldly instructed, “Put the money down and get lost.” More than happy to leave the place as soon as possible, Frieda placed the money on the coffee table and turned to leave. However, just as she turned around, Aubree stopped her. “Have you come up with a solution yet?”

Frieda froze for several seconds before she registered what Aubree was talking about. A few days ago, Aubree had asked her to think of a way to help the Pearson family get out of their predicament.

Nevertheless, the one behind everything was the Farwell family. Based on Frieda’s capabilities alone, there was no way she could go against that family. Troubled and exasperated, Frieda whipped her head around. “Aubree, I really don’t have a way…”

“You useless piece of trash!” Aubree furiously got up from the couch and was about to say something more when a sharp voice suddenly rang out from upstairs. “The nerve of you to come here!”

Gina, who had just woken up from her unconscious state, trembled with fury when she saw Frieda in the house. Behind her, Samuel also wore an ashen expression. Frieda was briefly taken aback but still habitually greeted the two of them, “Mr. and Mrs. Pearson…”

“Get out! We don’t know you! Don’t you ever dare appear in our house again!” Gina scrambled down the stairs, stormed up to Frieda, and jostled her in an attempt to chase her out of the house. Taking note of the two elders’ expressions, Frieda felt sorry for them. “That was Jonathan’s instruction. There was nothing I could do-”

Gina cut her off and screamed, “You guys are of the same family! You’re just as guilty as him! Get lost! I don’t want to see you Queens ever again!”

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